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Two months passed after started this website

It passed two months from started this website. The pages of this website increased and ranking get better than before. But still I'm not succeeded in SEO in this site.

I think 3 moths are necessary to succeed in SEO. That is because the search engines do not appreciate too young sites. Therefore in this period, we have to do is to make many contents and check metrics.

Status of this Website

This website starts on March 7th 2015. When I start this website, I put about 40 pages of main contents, and after that, I wrote blog articles.

Number of pages and history

After created this site, I've register the sitemap to the Web Master Tools of Google.

Page number of this website on start

This site's domain does not exists before 3/7/2015. When I added about 40 pages is the start of this site.

Access from search engines

Traffic from search engine is very few. But recently some days, a few access comes.

Access from search engine

The website with new domain has weakest domain value, therefore the pages are not ranked, even if queried keyword is long tail keywords.

Ranking Status

I started to checking rank for the keywords from March 20th, 2015. Before that, the website's rank right after opened is so terrible that I can not have motivation to do that.

Ranking of this website

The ranking is terrible, but it gets better than before. I guess the long tail keyword based traffic comes after 3 months.

That is because recently some keywords are getting better than before. I think the domain's value increases step by step. And the evaluation of the pages has delay time.

The search engines do not evaluate young page soon, or they do not add score of young pages to the domain's value.

Status Metrics of this Website

I'm continuously adding page contents, and the site's pages are increasing. Therefore the web status of the Web Master Tools is making progress.

Before getting access by long tail keywords, to watching ranking and checking access is not suitable to check the status of website. That is because it has delay time until the score of appreciated contents appears.

Index status

After I started this website, I've added contents within 81 pages. From around April 28th, I started to add pages continuously.

Current sitemap status

The pages are indexed after few days on the Sitemap details. But on Index Status page, more than 10 pages are not indexed.

Index status of the google

There are more way to research number of indexes. By using site command, the result is following staff.

  • By normal site command : 79 pages
  • By site command with time range : 68 pages

Structured data status

Structured data is one of the most important metrics to check the status of page index.

Structured data status

On 1st April, I've added sitemap page and internal links from top page. After that, the Structured Data is rapidly detected.

To detect the Structure Data means the search engine properly analyse pages after indexed them. Therefore the Content Keywords and Internal Links increased after that.

Before that, they does not increased even if I added pages. But that is solved by internal links.

Back links to this website

There are a few back links to this website.

Links to Your Site

The links from "" are post on the google-plus account. Of course it is from my account. And links from "" are almost same kind of links.

The links from "" are from CMS pages. There are 2 links in a page.

After I added these links, I do nothing about link building. It takes a month until those links are detected from when I set them.

Internal links detected

Currently number of pages the internal links are detected is 65. It is same with number of pages whose Content Keywords are detected.

And the pages are included in ones whose Structured Data is detected.

Content Keywords on Web Master Tools of Google

Currently, keywords of 65 pages are detected. Total keywords occurrence is 11749.

Content Keywords detected

Most of main content pages except CMS manuals, and 18 blog articles are detected. This is almost same with pages whose structured data is detected.

Plan of next month

Almost no traffic comes via search engines this month, but it looks like getting better than before.

So I'm going to write blog articles continuously. After a month, I'll write about website's status.

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