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Url length and depth of generated Html page

The Google says the length of the url has nothing to do with importance, but the depth of url structure has something to do with it. But it is not ranking factor.

In this page, I'll mention how the content management system takes measure for that.

The conditions the url must fulfil

We can freely name the url, but we have to consider following things.

Length of the url

The url length should be less than 2000 characters. It is enough length and maybe there are no opportunities to set such a long url.

If the system automatically convert the title into url, it will not be less than 200.

If you have program to automatically generate pages, it may occurs. But such programs may be a spam content generator.

Depth of url structure

The depth of url structure has relevance with the importance of the page. The Google's crawler comes to important pages frequently, and site command on the search page lists url by the importance.

The top page has the shortest url, therefore it is the most important page. And 2nd hierarchy page, for example "/seo/", has 1 element after the root. It is less important than the top.

I think you do not have to care the number of url structure's element is less than 5. This website's maximum number of the element is 3. But there are no problems.

URL structure depth has nothing to do with ranking

The depth of url has nothing to do with the ranking itself. Some blog system uses url to locate articles directly under the top of domain. But it has nothing to do with ranking.

Useful url structure including keywords

But the google and other search engines consider the keywords in the url. For example, consider following url.


This url has 3 elements, they are below.

  • seo
  • link-building
  • quality-and-kinds-of-internal-links

The keywords separated by the "-" are considered on scoring the content theme and ranking.

The "seo" directory correspond to the top directory of the big category, and all of the page's url in it has this keywords.

The google's guideline also recommend to use comprehensive directory structure. Therefore the comprehensive url structure is more important than small number of url structure element.

How this website's CMS define the url

This website uses Alinous Document CMS. The CMS is to implement the website structure using main web contents and additional blog posts.

Site structure using CMS and Blog

In this site structure, the blog articles are the bottom of the url hierarchy, which has longest url.

Url of main pages

The url of the main page is standard directory type. Currently this website has 4 stairs.

  1. Top page
  2. Measure categories
  3. Sub categories
  4. Detail main content page

The most deepest url has 3 elements in it.

Url of blog pages

The blog articles are located under the detail main contents. Therefore if the blog articles are in the directory, it has 4 depth. But in this CMS, it has blog archive section, and the url is in the archive directories.

This page is blog article and the url is below.

  • /blog/archive2015/url-depth-of-cms/

This url has 3 elements, and other blog articles are same.

Static Html output and directories

If the blog system generate the Html dynamically, there are no static files in the server. But this CMS generates static Html in the server.

By using static Html, the CMS do not have to query the database. It makes the response speed higher than dynamic generation.

Search engine's crawler likes fast response, and it is relevant with the crawling times. Therefore this CMS hires the fashion.

Then too many Html files are generated in a directory, it is hard to maintain them manually. Therefore the static Html files are output so that they are arranged with the directories.

How to check the url structure is correct or not

The depth of url has nothing to do and there are nothing you have to worry about. But if you worry, let's check the website's health by following way.

I think the url is what we should not change as possible as we can, because there is possibility that the google will reset the history and appreciation of the website.

Crawl status

When the crawler comes to most of url, it has no problem. My website has crawler log checker. It can check the raw log of the googlebot, and calculate the last visited time.

Currently all of the url in the sitemap xml files are crawled. Therefore url which has 3 structured elements and this website's depth of url structure have no problem.

Detection of the structured data

The Google and other search engines do not analyse unimportant pages deeply. Therefore if url with deep structure is analysed, it has no problem.

The structured data is good factor to check if the Google approve the page as worth to analyse or not.

Currently, most of the pages in this website seem to be analysed. Structured data in most of pages are detected.

The url seem to have almost nothing to do with the algorithm. Internal link structure is much more important than it.

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