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Let's use links from top page efficiently

The internal links from top page are special links. There are no site whose top page is not indexed and deeply analysed.

By using links from top page with CMS functions, new domain sites can grow up exactly and rapidly.

How the website's indexed pages increases

The website's index starts with top page and the pages linked from indexed pages are indexed step by step.

Top page is special page

The top page is special page, that is because the first page to be indexed. If this page is not indexed and analysed, no other pages will not indexed.

In addition to that, the top page is linked from all pages. Therefore the links on this page are powerful links.

Pages linked from analysed page is next analysing target

Recently, the search engines indexes almost all pages easily. The issue we have to consider is the page is analysed or not. The Google analyse the top page at first and select next pages to analyse and do that.

At first, it focus on the the top page. After that select a page linked from the focused page from pages, which are linked from it.

Select Pages to analyse

After that, analyse the pages, and repeat that. Then following pages will be analysed.

Next page analysing

And the all pages linked from the top page is analysed, it changes the focused pages into other page from the top page. And repeat selection and analysing.

Analysing a page is tough task, it is harder than crawling a page. Therefore search engines try to reduce the number of pages to do that.

They may think important pages are linked from the top page, or near from there. That means the pages located at deep hierarchy is regarded as unimportant page, unless they do not analyse them.

Therefore if you do not keep 2 clicks rule, the page will not analysed for long term, or it will not analysed forever. But by linking from the top page, search engines will analyse the page exactly.

If total page number is less than 100

If your page number is less than 100, I recommend you to set links to all pages from the top page.

That is because by doing that, you do not have to take care for 2 clicks rule. Visitors can access all pages by 1 click.

And the number of links you can set in a page increases recently. A few years a go, the number should be less than 100. Therefore setting 100 links on the top page is safe.

According to my experience, the pages which are linked from the top page are indexed and analysed.

The Structured Data on the Google's Web Master Tools is good way to check which pages are regarded as important pages. The pages linked from there appears on this page.

Set links from top page with CMS tools

Setting links, and manage these are sometimes troublesome task. But by using CMS components, we can manage them automatically.

By using following components on the top page, the links are automatically set when a new page is added.

Partial sitemap for main contents

The partial sitemap is useful tool. It can generate links under the web hierarchy. This component is available on the WYSIWYG editor, which we use on writing content.

Embedded module selection

By setting this, links like following ones.

Generated links

This links are actually there on the top page of this site. On this case, I specified the cms page as the top of the list. And the depth of link as 2.

Link component Setting

By this setting, it generates links which are children and grand children.

In this Content Management System, the blog articles are located under the main contents. Therefore blog contents which are under the leaf node of main contents are not shown here.

Rotate Blog links

The latest blog posts are listed on the top page like below.

Blog articles list

By the pages linked from top page once, they are indexed and analysed. This list shows latest 10 entries of blog posts, and other old posts are not shown, and links from top page disappears.

But if the page once analysed, the status continues.

The old posts are linked from the main content pages. Then the pages are indexed, each blog posts can exactly linked form relevant contents.

And by using partial sitemap, all of the main contents can be accessed by 1 click, therefore all blog posts can be reached with in 2 clicks.

Currently, old posts do not lose following status on the Google's Web Master Tools.

  • The pages are listed in Structured Data
  • Listed in Internal Link's pages
  • The Content Keywords data contains those pages

The links from top page of the site is very important. If you wrote good contents, but they are not analysed, it does not makes sense.

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