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Use content writing outsourcing effectively

Content writing service is useful, if you are busy small business owner. But in order to use it, you have to manage the quality of contents.

What you have to care on using content writing service

When you use content writing service, the most important thing you have to care is quality of contents. Search engines do not like contents for SEO. Therefore you have to manage usability of the contents and links in the website.

What you have to tell the writer

When you order the service you have to tell following thing to the writer.

  • Theme of the website
  • Target users
  • Sample keywords representing the website
  • Least number of characters or words
  • Estimated number of pages

The writer have to write useful articles for search engine users. If the writer do not think about marketing strategy, the contents will be only a text for SEO.

Concept and theme of website

To consider the concept and theme about the website is owner's task. Without that, writers will worry about what to write. In order to get contents you want, you have to communicate with writers and transfer what you want clearly.

At least, you have to write the web structure like following picture.

Concept of website

In this picture, there are following information.

  • The main theme of the website
  • Sub themes which are inside the main theme
  • Sample topics for each sub theme

In this information, the sample topics are very important. That is because you have to tell what the readers want to know, in order to make SEO friendly contents.

There are a lot of technique about SEO, but recently, most important thing is to write contents wanted by readers.

Tasks and Role of the writer

When you order the service, you have to define the tasks and role of writers and you. The content writing service has following styles.

  • Simply write text articles
  • Share the blog system or CMS and writer write articles
  • Content marketing company fully manage the website

The prices are different by what they do. The full managed service is most expensive and simply writing text service is cheapest.

Simply write text articles

There are service to write text about specified theme. This service is cheapest, but it is most difficult to deal the written contents.

The website's page have to be organised with title, description, h1, h2, and so on. If the service is not suitable for that, it is difficult to make SEO friendly website with the output.

Therefore if you order such service, you have to specify following things.

  • The title and description summary are required
  • The article have to user h1, h2 and h3. (h3 is if necessary. h1, h2 is essential)

By specifying these conditions, you can get contents friendly with website in format.

Share blog or CMS and write articles

When writers can use blog or CMS, the format of the pages is automatically kept. The only thing you have to tell them is to use header tags(h1 h2 and h3).

Full managed service

Full manages service is the most high quality service. The content marketing company does every thing about the website.

Therefore what you have to do is clearly transfer the concept and target readers. Excellent service provider companies are good at marketing research.

When you use this kind of service, you have to check the skill of marketing research, and choose the most excellent one.

What the writers are required

The most required thing to the writers is to know what readers want to know. In addition to that, SEO friendly formatted web page and quantity of information are required.

More than 2000 Characters in a page

Search engines do not like thin pages. If the rate of such pages increases, the website may be regarded as low quality sites.

There can be short pages and long pages, but you have to keep the least quantity of the page.

Write contents more than 100 pages

In order to succeed in first step of SEO, I think a certain quantity of contents. According to my research, it is original part's volume of contents.

I think you have to make 400,000 characters as total. Therefore the number of pages is a reference metric to estimate how much task is necessary.

Therefore if you require 4,000 characters in a page, 100 pages are necessary. If 2,000 characters, 200 pages.

If I have opportunities to order writing service, I'll order 100 pages with 4,000 characters. That is because long pages can catch long tail keywords access more effectively than many short pages.

Do not use copy and paste but quote

This is very important thing. Bad companies uses same contents to the output. This is very risky for website owners.

And evil companies make another contents from ones already written before, by changing some words of sentence, or changing order of them.

This is also caught, and search engines think it has evil purpose, therefore the risk to get SEO penalty increases. The copy and paste may be better than this.

If the writer is honesty, you do not have to too nervous about copy contents. Quote from other sites is sometime necessary, and there are expression which becomes similar every time.

The search engines know duplicated contents is necessary. Original content is there, nothing to worry.

The writer have to have experience about the firm

You have to know who write it, and the person's experience about the theme. If writer do not have it, you have to contrive to make writer learn the knowledge about the firm.

Without the knowledge, the writer can not think what is necessary for readers, and what the readers want to know.

This knowledge is much more important than formatting and editorial skill, that is because writer and editor are different. The writer have to create contents about what readers want, and editor is just evaluate and arrange them.

How much the page contains information demanded by readers, is the page's quality.

If you can keep the quality, you'll succeed in the first step of SEO.

What website managers have to do

After the writer wrote a page contents, website owner have to manage the contents.

Add pictures in the articles

If there are no picture in the article, it is hard to read all of the content.

But by adding one or two pictures, it become easier than before. And search engines seem to appreciate pictures existence.

Arrange article's categories

The website manager have to manage categories of the articles. This task should be done on the first phase. When deciding site concept and theme.

If you choose writing service whose output is text contents, you have to put them on proper categories.

Set internal links

The internal links are very important factor to increase both human usability and SEO friendly score.

In order to do that, you have to recognize most of the contents in the website. This is tough task, but search engines appreciates links in the body of the article.

Publishing timing and pace

The search engines logs the history of your website. And they evaluates historical data.

Therefore you have to contrive the timing to publish. You can publish many pages at once. But you have to publish them continuously.

That is especially for new sites started in 3 months. The new sites can not rank at first, because they are not trusted. But by building the history which looks that the website is managed well, search engines trust it and rank it.

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