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Let's use twitter card on your tweet

Twitter card is function to show summary of linked web page with description and image. By using this function, you can appeal information about your website much more.

Strategy of using twitter cards

In addition to basic strategy of using twitter, using card is effective way to impress your account and website's existence to the users.

Basic text on tweet is most important

The twitter card is attractive method to use. It can show much more information than normal tweet. But the most important thing is basic approach with text.

The first thing twitter users watch is your tweet, not the card. On normal case, users have to click the summary link on the message in order to show the card.

Twitter card Invite users to your website

If a user interested in your tweet, the person will want to more about your tweet, before go to your website. Then this card is suitable to show summary of your web page.

Twitter users view a lot of information, therefore the speed to know about next information is important fact.

It is very hard to invite users to your website from twitter, because of users' reading speed. But the card helps that.

Top tweet with card is effective

When your tweet is faved by some person and it appears on the Top Tweet of the hash tag, the card appears under your tweet. It is effective to catch twitter users' attention.

This strategy is based on the basic tweet, by tweeting attractive message, twitter accelerates your tweet's spreading.

Kind of twitter cards

There are many kinds of twitter cards, but this time, I'm going to introduce following 2 types of them.


The Summary card is most standard type of the twitter card.

summary card

We can add the description's information of the web page. It is longer than tweet message. In addition to that, small image is added.

When you want twitter users to read more description text than the picture, this card format is suitable.

If you can catch attention strongly, text can transfer more information than picture.

Large Image

The twitter card with large image is shown like below.

Large image twitter card

In this card, we can show large image, and description of the page. The difference between the summary card is size of the image.

This format is suitable for top tweet. When your tweet is listed on there, sometimes the card is extracted. Then you can catch a lot of attention.

How to set the card

In order to use twitter card, we have to set meta tag for twitter, and validate the cards.

Set meta tag on CMS template

By adding meta tags on the CMS template, the twitter card is set automatically.

On this case, it sets twitter card with large image. The default image is one of the site theme.

By this setting, each page has twitter card of the default setting.

Overwrite meta tag

If you want to change the image, title, and description, you can over write them on CMS's article editor.

By adding the meta tag you want to change, the CMS uses article's meta tag instead of template's ones.

The example above changes the image for twitter card and og tag for facebook.

Card Validation

After making meta tag for card, you have to validate the cards for your website. The validation is necessary for each web domain and  card type.

Therefore, if you made summary and large image card, you have to do that for each type.

You can validate them at Card validator on twitter developer section.

Card validation form

Input the url including card meta tag, and apply card activation. After few minutes, the mail to notice activation of the card comes.

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