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What high quality small site can, and big site cannot

Recently, small page volume can rank in the first page. And the page volume is not always necessary to rank in.

Often websites with big volume do not rank in. That means search engines purely evaluates the quantity of information. To write same things again and again do not increase that.

Difference between big and small sites

As the site become bigger than before, it become difficult to keep the quality, and to under stand whole informations in the website.

Following facts are difficult for big websites.

Build internal links between old and new pages

When the website become huge, then the web master can not recognize all of contents in the website.

Therefore it is very hard to set links from the body sentences of the page. To setting links from body section of the old page is effective in rising the rank.

Change point of view on writing similar article written before

Contents on the website with more than 500 pages are not managed. The search engines know that. The limit of site command's number of result , which is actually shown on the SERP, is 600.

Therefore big sites has a lot of duplicated and useless contents.

If what the articles says are same, point of view is also same, and it has no meaning for human, it is not appreciated.

Technically similar pages, which are appreciated, are ones whose value are closely relevant to the date.

The pages which are not linked from important pages

The huge site, which is not completely managed, has a lot of pages which are not linked from important pages.

The search engines do not analyse these pages deeply after indexed them. Therefore such pages have almost nothing to do with ranking. 

Disabled pages

The search engines do not evaluate pages which are far from top pages. They are indexed, therefore the number of pages shown by the site command increase, if there are a lot of pages.

But they has nothing to do with ranking, because they are not deeply analysed.

What is appreciated by search engines

If your website is young and you have to win in ranking toward big sites, you have to concentrate on making website which has a lot of appreciated points.

Density of keywords have nothing to do with ranking

Density and iteration of the keywords has noting to do with ranking.

Big website has a lot of pages and they contain a lot of keyword text in the pages. But it has nothing to do with ranking.

Search engines checks quality of website by internal links

The search engines have to check the website is arranged correctly or not. Then they use internal links.

The search engines can estimate the duration time on visiting the web page. They do that by appreciating internal link's quality by using demand database.

If your website is small, but it has a lot of effective internal links and few useless links, search engines appreciate your site high.

On the contrary, it has a lot of pages with useless internal links, they do not appreciate that.

Original part is necessary for each page

Quantity of original part is very important. By repeating almost same things again and again, the volume of pages increases, but the quantity of information does not increase.

Search engines appreciate quantity of information in the website. Therefore when you create a website, it has to cover a lot of topics about the theme.

By doing that, your website will have certain level of volume, it may be about 100 pages. But you do not have to make hundreds of pages.

How to manage website's contents with certain volume

In order to get traffic from long tail keywords via search engines, new domain website have to have about 80 to 100 pages.

Actually, the number of pages has noting to do with quantity of information. Therefore if your one page contains twice than one of general website, the number of pages can be half of them.

Important thing on considering volume of contents in your website, is quantity of appreciated content information.

You have to care is following things.

  • Quantity of pages which has original contents
  • Number of detailed theme relevant to website's main theme
  • Keep internal link's quality

You have to care these things and increase quantity of information by least number of pages.

In order to do that, you have to do following things.

Manage main contents and review it again and again

You have to review main pages again and again. If you find something to add into main page, add it and link to relevant article.

Using the mindmap on starting website is effective way to make easily managed content architecture.

User keyword tag properly

The keyword tag group function on your CMS or Blog system is effective way to build internal links automatically.

Keyword Tag Tree

It is very effective to set links on the body sentences of the article. But it is for very important links, there a lot of other necessary links. Therefore automating to build useful links are essential.

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