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What you have to do after writing blog article

As you continuously write articles, you sometimes have to maintain them. Mainly you have to review relationship between pages. And it makes your rank on SERP up.

As the number of articles increase

If you continuously write blog articles on you website, the number of pages increases naturally. To increase indexed pages is effective t o SEO, but they have to be analysed deeply after index.

If the indexed pages are not analysed after that, the rank of your website does not go up.

New concept and keywords appears on web contents

In order to do SEO by writing blog, the writers consider to expand topics in the website. Then new concepts appears. Then you have to arrange the internal links so that reader can find them.

The new pages are relevant to old pages

Sometimes new articles are relevant with old ones. Then they should be linked each other.

By adding these links, you can build a website with high quality internal links.

The search engines likes article which has outbound links to relevant contents. Therefore, that lead to effective SEO.

Searching relevant blog post is difficult

At first, there are a few articles in the website. Therefore every one can find articles, and know what articles are there.

But as the number of articles increases, even the writer can not recognize what articles are there.

When you set links on old articles, you have to find them, but by only writing continuously without arranging website, it become very difficult.

Some pages are not analysed by search engines

The search engines evaluate web pages which they think they are eligible. They do not analyse other pages.

Therefore if the website has a lot of pages but most of them are not analysed, that is same with there are few pages in the website.

On the worst case, search engines assume your website as content spam site, which has a lot of useless pages.

You can check which pages are analysed by google's site command with specifying period.

Time range search

If the page is analysed so that it can show when the page is created or modified most of the part, the page is shown on the result. But not analysed, it does not appear there.

What we have to do for maintain website

The Content Management System has useful functions. By using them, you can build effective webisite in SEO.

Maintain keyword tags

The keyword tag is effective function. It can build high quality internal links, and powerful guide for readers.

Keyword Tags

Maintaining the tags continuously means the website is managed continuously.

Especially in blog sites, old articles lose the value as new articles increases and it become lame. The articles are located on the top page, but as other articles are added, they are varied in deep inside the page hierarchy.

But by inks to the old pages automatically by keyword tags, The old articles can be search target.

Create summary article

The summary page is effective way to make the best use of articles and the information volume.

The website which is not arranged is sometimes evaluated as useless website by search engines. By making summary page which has links to relevant contents, it become property of the website.

There are mainly 2 way to make summary page.

  • Write a blog post to summarise old articles
  • Use main content pages as summary page

Frequently used way on blog system is the first one. It is effective way, and all blog system can do that.

This Content Management System uses the 2nd method. The main content pages are summarised pages of this website, and the blog articles are added to the pages automatically.

On adding blog posts to the main pages, Keyword Tags are used. By maintain the keyword tags, the system maintain the links to the blog articles automatically.

Check keyword balance

The Content Management System knows all content of the website. It can summary the usage of keywords.

The theme is collection of keywords, and search engines detect the site theme by them.

keyword balance

When you check the keyword balance, you have to confirm the content is not looks like spam. A keyword is used too many times, that has risk to be assumed as website which does keyword stuffing spam.

On most of cases as you write articles naturally, it has no problem, but sometimes, some keywords are occurred on navigation and common parts too many times.

Then you can fix that by modify the short title of main contents on the Content Management System.

Link to new pages from old ones

By arranging the website for search engines, it is effective to humans. You can find last article easily, and re-recognize whole contents of the site soon.

I recommend you to sometimes review whole contents. Then you can find some chance to set effective internal links and next ideas to write new articles.

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