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Why long tail keywords are available with few links

Aiming at Long tail keywords in SEO is effective way to start up a new webiste. You have to get traffic from search engines before getting high Click Through Rate. 

Step by step SEO strategy for start up websites

Long tail keywords is suitable for start up websites. It is impossible for them to rank in by middle or big keywords, but a lot of small keywords are available.

But ranking in by long tail keywords is not easy to new websites. In order to get traffic from them, we have to consider what website is strong for searching by long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are queries with more than 3 words

The long tail keywords means query words with more than 3 words. It is not niche keywords on most of cases.

By adding keyword to the query, the web pages suitable for it become fewer. By adding one word, the number of search results decrease dramatically.

Therefore queries consists of 3 words lead to much narrow result pages.

And they have huge variations. It is impossible for some top sites to cover all of them. Therefore a new sites with few inbound links have chance.

Actual experience has huge keywords combinations

The writer with rich experience about the topics of your website is fewer than you think. I guess you have experience that you search something about actual problem for real, there are no result which responds to your request.

The result pages are ones which just include keywords you input, but they do not have answer of your question represented by the keywords.

Then it is chance for new sites to rank in by these keywords.

The search engines know the demands of users. That is because they logs keywords users input, and checking access log of web access analysers, or web browser's log in order to know which keywords fulfil users' query.

If you are experienced person about the topics, and write about the problem, some keywords which represents the problem are naturally included in your article.

The search engines can not understand the answer of the question, but they can evaluate which keywords represents the problem and search needs.

The query with deep theme affected by external inbound links little

The search engines, especially google, uses query sensitive ranking engine. It select the system to score pages according to the query.

Topical Pagerank is a part of google's ranking system which uses query sensitive pagerank.

The system calculates Pageranks for each topic, and select one of the the Pagerank on responding to the query.

The Topical Pagerank ignores relationship between pages which has nothing to do with the topic. Therefore, when the topic is concrete, narrow, and detailed, the link network becomes like set of small networks.

fragment network

The old pagerank assume most of the websites are linked to entire network, but this pagerank is different.

And the system uses small topics for long tail keywords, therefore the external inbound links do not affects ranking so much.

Prepare for long tail keywords SEO

The search engines likes articles who is experienced in specific topics. If you are so, you are suitable person to do long tail aiming SEO.

Writing page which covers keywords for demand

The search engines know the keywords which represents the problem or question. They are in addition to the keywords search engine users input on query.

The search engines has theme detection engine, and the themes are divided into detailed and concrete ones.

The keywords tool on adwords shows the themes.

adword's keyword tools

There are similar themes on the table, but the search demand for each one is different. 

And there are some keywords in the theme groups(Ad group). The search engines select the group by comparing the queried keywords with them.

Therefore, the page on your website has many keywords representing the theme of demand, they appreciate that.

Building internal link network of same topics

The query sensitive search engine uses ranking calculated by small topical network. That means internal links are very important.

It is difficult to build large link network of niche theme with external links, it is almost implemented with internal links.

The Pagerank is zero sum algorithm, therefore it does not generate values, just transfer them to important page. But authority rank algorithm  generates value.

Therefore by writing some articles about specific topics and linking them, most important page, which has richest information, can get generated values by Topical Pagerank algorithm.

Write some articles by changing point of view

Even if you mention same thing as answer of the question, when the question is different, it is different article, not duplicated content.

The questions are up to the point of view.

Precondition and question theme

The page content should have section to define the precondition, or situation about the topic. This part is very important to search engines.

That is because they have to evaluate the page contains question's theme.

Therefore, if you think the articles written about same solution, and do not write for other situation, search engines can not pick up your pages.

Stick on the detail thoroughly on writing articles

The article just introducing a fact solve nothing about the demand which is represented by long tail keywords.

The search engine providers know the quality of search engine is up to accuracy for long tail keywords.

If you are experienced person and you write specific article, a page has certain volume. The most important thing in SEO is to include sufficient information in each page.

It is very difficult for a person, who has few experience, to write about topic deeply. If a website owner outsource writing to such a person, it is impossible to make excellent page with sufficient information.

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