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Footer component for CMS Template

The Footer component is common parts for all of the CMS templates. And this component is what you have to customize at first.

The appearance and usage of Footer component

The default footer component's appearance is below.

Default footer design

The design is quite simple.

This component is used in all of the CMS Template, like the Header component. Therefore, once you update the design of it, you can change design of all of the page's Footer part.

Customise the Footer when you start a new website

When you start your own website, you have to customize the design, or information about the website, and the author.

The header part is watched when the visitor is satisfied by the page content, and is interested in your website.

Therefore, you had better write the summary of the author, and Social Media's account. If there are some Social Media account with your profile, you can get connection, if the content is excellent.

Source code of the Footer component

The source code of the Footer component consists of Html code, server side program, Style Sheet, and image resources.

The design of the Footer is to be customized by the users, as the Header parts is so.

Html code

The Html code of the Footer component is below.

The default Footer component has information about this website, and the author. There are links to Social Media accounts.

If you use the default design, please update these account, and the copyright.

Server side program

The server side program of the Footer is below.

This program is to create the "@tree_model" variable, which is used in the Html code. The program is same with of Header component, please take a look at Server side program of the Header component, about the detail.

Style Sheet

The Style Sheet of the Footer component is below.

This Style Sheet uses default image resources. Therefore when you customize the design, please change the image resources, too.

Image resources

The default image resources which are used in Html and Style Sheet.

image resources

These image resources are icon image. In addition to that, you can upload your own images here, and use them in Html code and Style Sheet.

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