Build a Website with Content Management System

After you understand Search Engine marketing, and website planning, let's create an actual website by using Content Management System on the cloud service.

This time, we use Alinous Document CMS, which is Opensource software. This website is also powered by the software.

Install and Setup

There are mainly 2 method to get server and software.

Openshift Online Cloud

The Alinous Document CMS works on the Openshift Online cloud, which is provided by RehHat Inc. The cloud provides free plan until 3 server instances ( Gears ).

By using it, you can install the software from web browser only. You do not have to download file and upload it.

Please take a look at Setup Openshift Online with CMS.

Iaas Cloud Service

The CMS can works on the Docker platfotm, therfore, you can use it on  linux based cloud server like following service providers.

About installation, please take a look at Install Alinous Document CMS by Docker Image.

Install operation

About the detail of Installation, please take a look at following page. The CMS has docker image, therefore you can easily use servers which are based on Linux operating system.

Set up after installed

After you installed the CMS, you have to set up your first contents, design and site setting.

CMS demo tour

Content Management Page

This CMS has a lot of functions and it is very flexible. By using this CMS, you can create website with perfect SEO and useful for human.

Let's take a look at the overview of the functions by using demo site at first, after installed it.

Build Template and Design

After you install and set up cloud server, you have to set up Template Design.

Write and Manage Contents

Next step is write your contents on the Content Management System.

Heatmap and Mouse Action Capture Engine

This CMS has mouse action capture engine to replay the user experience of visitors, and it can generate heapmap using the log.

Manage Website

Continuous work after open your site.

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