Web Action Recorder and Heatmap generation engine

Alinous Document CMS has action recorder engine to capture mouse actions. It can generate 2 types of heatmap.

By using this function, you can check the user experience on your landing page and whole website.

Feature of Web Action Recorder Engine

The Web Action Recorder engine has following functions.

  • Capture the mouse actions
  • Replay captured action
  • Generate mouse move heatmap as eye tracking
  • Generate scroll heatmap to check scroll reach
  • Archive website's archive with version

You can use these function for following web marketing needs.

Check if the sales copy for advertisement works correctly

When you use internet advertisement, the first and most important metric is bounce rate of the landing page.

If the bounce rate is too high, following problem is considered.

  • The visitors are not interested in your product, therefore you have to change the target
  • What the visitor want and interested in is different from the appeal at first look

The difficulty of promotion using advertisement is that we have to consider both the target of the ad and content in the landing page.

On most of cases, the target is wrong at first. We can detect it easily by checking captured visitor's action. That is because if the target is wrong, then visitors close the page very soon.

Then, what you have to do at first is to change the target of advertisement. If there seem to be something visitors will interested in, they do not leave the page soon.

What is the most interest thing for customers

After checking the target setting of  advertisement, you have to do next is to optimise the order of landing page.

Then heatmap is effective way to improve that.

This engine has 2 heatmap engines.

  • Mouse move heatmap
  • Window scroll heatmap

After reducing bounce rate, window scroll heatmap is effective way to check the content.

Desktop page, Smartphone page and responsive web design

This web action capture engine supports following page design.

  • Desktop PC page
  • Responsive web design page
  • Smartphone page

Capture mouse action and replay

replayed user experience

This Content Management System has Javascript based mouse action capture logger. It makes setting capture script very easy.

You can put the script on header of each page by using content editor of the CMS.

Generate Heatmap from captured data

Generated mouse move heat map

After capturing visitor's mouse motion and action, you can generate heatmap from them.

Manage Archived Data

This is optional function. The mouse capture automatically archive the website's data. This function manage the data with version.

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