Manage Web Archive Data

The web motion capture engine automatically archives the web pages. And you can manage them on this web console.

When the web page is archived

The web page is archived when the user access the page with capture code in the header section of the Html code.

It archives when there are no archived data or the archived page is lame. The data is used to represent the web page's design when you use heatmap analyser and re-player of the user experience.

When the archived data is used

The archived data is used in following functions.

  • User mouse action re-player
  • Heatmap generator

User mouse action re-player

The web motion capture engine has re-player of the user experience on the page. It uses archived Html as the back ground design to reproduce the page.

The page have to be same version with the one the actually users access. Therefore archiver uses version control of the archived data.

Heatmap generator

The heatmap generator uses the archived design.

What the archive engine stores

The archive engine store following files on the web page.

  • Html code
  • Image files
  • External Javascript files
  • External Style Sheet (CSS) files

When it archives them, it convert the file and store them into database.

Html code

The html code of the page is converted by following scheme.

  • Link to other page is disabled, replaced into "#"
  • The image files' url are converted into url to load stored data in the database
  • The urls of external Javascript and Style Sheet are also converted into url to load stored data in the database

Image files

Image files are converted into base64 encoded string and stored into the database record.

Javascript files

The Javascript files are simply downloaded and stored into the database.

Style Sheet files

The Style Sheet uses reference to the images. Then the images are stored, and the urls of the images in the Style Sheet is converted into the url to load the image.

Smartphone and Desktop page

The web motion capture engine can handle pages with responsive web design and smartphone page.

Responsive web design

The archiver stores html code and Style Sheet, they are not image screen shot. Therefore by using them, and remember the screen width, it can reproduce the design by code.

Smartphone page

The smartphone pages generally has another url, which is different from desktop pc's page. Therefore the archiver store the url's Html code and design, and reproduce the design with them.

If the smartphone page's url is same with desktop page, it can not reproduce the design. Therefore this content management system does not use this style.

How to manage archived data

In order to open the archive manage console, click the "Manage Archive" button on the top of administration console.

Replay button on the Administration console

Then following page appears.

Archive administration console

On this page, you can do following operations.

  • Preview the archive
  • Delete the archive

Preview the archive

Click the "Preview" button, then a new pop up window appears and you can preview the design.

If you use the responsive web design, narrow the window's size and check it.

Delete the archive

The archive records which are not used by the heatmap has "Delete" button, and you can delete it by clicking it. But any heatmap records use it, it can not be deleted.


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