Customize Template Design

The component based template engine of Alinous Document CMS consists of 3 types of ones.

Architecture of Template Engine

The component based Template Engine has templates to layout components and Html5 based components.

Template Architecture

The Top Template and Container Template are to make layout of Primitive Templates(Html5 Components).

And the Primitive Template is most basic part of CMS Template. You can make widget on the pages, which are like article part, header, footer part, bread list and so on, by using it.

Customize Layout of the components

Container Template

We can customize the layout of pages with Top and Container Template. The Top one is for the entire page, and we can set this as template for each CMS pages.

In addition to that, we can customize the Html format output from the GUI layout.

Html5 and SQL based Components

Html5 Component

The Primitive Templates are the most low level part of the CMS Template. We can make and customize them in Html, Javascript, Style Sheet, and server side program.

In addition to that, we can test the primitive parts partially.

Default CMS templates

After learning how to customize the templates, let's take a look at actual default templates.

These templates are included in the CMS, and are available when you finish setting the Alinous Document CMS on your server or cloud.

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