Default CMS templates

The default templates of Alinous Document CMS is made in simple Responsive Web Design. Therefore you can customize it freely.

Feature of the default template

The default template is very simple so that every one can customize it into favorite design. If you like the design, you can use it after customizing the header and footer.

Easy and simple code

When I make this template, I consider that the users will customize the template. I think everyone, who are web designers, programmers, and content writers, can customize the design.

The easy CMS template fulfil following conditions.

  • Easily find code location and position to customize.
  • The design code is based on Html5, and who knows it can customize without little learning new things.
  • Check the design easily.
  • If you understand programming, you can customize the server side code and debug it on the web browser.

Responsive Web Design

The share of traffic with the smaprtphone increases, and the Responsive Web Design is recommended by search engine providers.

This tempate adopts it. Therefore the template is smartphone and mobile ready.

Reusable CMS template parts

The CMS template is based on Html5 components, and you can assemble them into a Top Template.

The location of the componentscan be customized with the template editor which is GUI base.

Preview and debug for each Html5 components

In this CMS, the Html5 components can use debugger and preview partially. By using this function, you can do unit test of the design parts.

That makes Html coding and programming easy.

Default set of Top Templates

The top parts of the templates are called Top Templates. You can set these template to each pages which are managed by the Content Management System.

Main Contents Pages

Following templates are for main contents and top pages. The Top Page template is special one for only the top page.

Most of the main contents uses the Default Page template.

  • Default Page
  • Top Page

Blog Contents Pages

Following templates are for blog section. They are for Top of the blog page, category pages, and article pages.

  • Blog Top Page
  • Blog Category Page
  • Blog Article Page

Keyword Tag Navigation Page

Following template is for Keyword Tag Group pages.

  • Keyword Tag Page

Other Pages

The search page uses following template.

  • Search Page

Default set of  Html5 Components

The Html5 Components are used in the Top Templates, and Container Templates. By using the GUI layout editor, you can locate these parts on the template layer.

Main CMS Parts

The Main parts of the template components. These are used in all of the templates.

Blog Parts

The components for blog templates.

Keyword Tag Parts

Template components for keyword tag pages, and other pages. By using following components, you can use the tag information on the page.

Inline Parts

Inline Parts are components which are available on the WYSIWYG content editor.

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