Install Alinous CMS

There are mainly 2 method to get server and software. You can choose installation process from following ones.

Openshift Online Cloud

The Alinous Document CMS works on the Openshift Online cloud, which is provided by RehHat Inc. The cloud provides free plan until 3 server instances ( Gears ).

By using it, you can install the software from web browser only. You do not have to download file and upload it.

Please take a look at Setup Openshift Online with CMS.

Iaas Cloud Service

The CMS can works on the Docker platfotm, therfore, you can use it on  linux based cloud server like following service providers.

Most of cloud and server providers has linux based service. And Docker works on linux platform, therefore by using it, you can install the CMS software easily.

In order to install, following process is required.

Install Docker on Linux server

At first, you have to install Docker into your server. Docker works on dedicated server and VPS.

In the official website of docker, there in information about installing docker for each platform. Please take a a look at Docker Installation in the Docker's official site.

The installation is available by enter some command on shell. For example, install into ubuntu is below.

Get CMS image from Docker Hub

After installing Docker, you can download CMS image via docker hub by using Docker. In order to do that, just input following command from the shell.

Create Docker Container Server on your server

After you pulled the CMS image, you can create server on your linux host.

By this command, server process starts and following ports are available.

  • Http Protocol 80 port
  • SSH Protocol 10022 port

By accessing "http://[server adress]", then you can access the CMS via http protocol.

Login and Change Password

After you installed the docker container server, the root's password is "pass". Therefore you have to change it.

In order to do that, login the server by typing following command.

After typing this command, the default password is required. Then input "pass". After that you have to type your own new password twice.

After you changed it, push and hold Ctrl key, and push "p", "q" key with holding Ctrl key. Then shell mode finishes.

If you type exit on the shell, the Docker container server finishes. The Docker's main process is bash, therefore when it finishes, it also shut down.

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