Create contents with CMS

After set up your website on CMS, let's write articles on it. This CMS's content pages are managed by tree structured page objects.

In addition to the pages, CMS has keyword tags to group pages and generate navigation links.

Writing Articles

At first, write the main contents by using Content Management System. The content of the website is managed by following things.

  • Tree structured document tree
  • Grouping content pages with Keyword Tags

By using them, you can build effective internal links and page hierarchy.

Page Contents

The page content is managed by document tree on the CMS. Following page shows how to write and manage the web main contents.

And the content manager has WYSISYG editor which can use embedded component on the contents. Especially Partial Sitemap component is useful in building internal links which navigate readers from top page, and 2nd level category.

Keyword Tags

The keyword tags are effective in building internal links automatically. They are used in calculating recommendation links on the articles.

Writing Blog Article

After writing main contents, you can bring up your website with blog articles. Blog articles are shown on the top page at first, and linked from main contents permanently.

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