Manage Keyword Tag Groups

Keyword Tag group is used to generate internal links and bread list of the blog article. This CMS can manage Keyword Tags which appears on the page and hidden tags.

Sometimes Keyword Tags causes penalty and misleading internal links. Therefore we recommend site structure with main contents and blog articles.

Manage Keyword Tag from administration console

In order to open Keyword Tag Gourp management console, click the "" button on the top page of the administration console.

Button to open management console

Then following page is shown.

Keyword Tag group manager

This page has tree of the Keyword Tags on the left pane, and right pane is edit area for each tag, which is selected and opened from the left pane.

Keywords Tree and Editor

The left pane has keywords tree.

Keyword Tag Tree

You can do following action by using this tree.

  • Create Keyword Tags
  • Delete Keyword Tags
  • Move position by drag and drop
  • Select a Keyword tag to edit by tag editor on the right pane

By double clicking the keyword tag, you can open the tag with editor pane on the right part of the page.

Keyword Tag Editor

The editor has following parts.

  • Keyword Tag's information
  • Tagged Pages

By using this editor, you can edit these information from this page.

Edit Keyword Tag Group Setting

The keyword tag's information is on the top of the editor pane.

Edit Tag information

Following information is editable on this pane.

  • Tag Name, which is displayed name
  • Tag Page
  • Keywords and sub keywords

Tag Name

The Tag Page is the page which represents this keyword tag. The Tag Name is shown on the tree on the left pane, and it is shown on the web page like below.

Display keyword tags

Tag Page

The Tag Page is web page representing the keyword tag group. By clicking the keyword tag shown on the web page, it goes to the page.

This page can be empty. If the representing page is not set, the Tag link does not shown. Therefore it becomes hidden tag, and it is not appears on the website.

Keywords and sub keywords

The keywords which are relevant to the keyword tag. By using these keywords, the template engine can calculate recommend links on the page.

Add Pages from Keyword Tag management page

Under the keyword Tag's information, the pages which has the tag appears there.

Pages which have tag

From the content editor, keyword tag information is also can be manages. In addition to that, you can add page from this keyword tag  management page.

Add pages

Click the "Add Page" button, then following dialog box appears.

Select pages to add into the tag group

On this dialog, query the pages to add and click the "Add Checked Pages" button.

Edit information about the tagged page

The Tagged pages has following information.

Tagged pages

  • Weight of the tag on the page

The weight of the tag is also managed by the content editor of the page. A page can have multiple tags, and weight.

When you open the tag section of content editor, following setting appears.

Tags on a page

You can also set the weight of tag for the page from content editor.

These weights are used on calculating recommendation links on this page.

Template Components Using Keyword Tags

The Keyword Tag is used to group the pages and to generate recommendation links on page parts. Following templates uses this function in order to generate links.

These parts are made as Html5 Components. Therefore about the detail of these templates, please take a look at Customize Html5 Components.

Link to the blog articles from main contents

Blog and Main Contents

This widget is to set links to the blog articles, which are the child of this main contents. This link represents the site structure with blog and CMS contents.

Main link to blog articles

There are hidden tags and shown tags. The shown tags have representing web page which is the main contents. If you set those tags to the blog posts, they are linked by this widget.

And the blog past's page's bread list is automatically generated like below.

Blog bread list

If the page has multiple main pages which represents tags, the tag whose weight is highest is chosen.

Relevant Blog Entries

This widget is shown at right navigation area. The Relevant Blog Entries are widget to list other blog posts which are same topics.

Relevant Blob Entries

By using hidden tags for blog theme, we can use this widget usefully.

Topics recommendation

Topics recommendation widget is located on the bottom of main contents and blog posts.

Topics and recommendation part

This widget has links with anchor name, and the links point to the Hx tag which has named anchor.

When the widget's template calculate the links, the keyword tag information and the keywords for tags are used.

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