Write Blog Articles

By making blog section in the structured document tree of CMS, we can write blog posts on the website with main contents.

If you do not set up the blog on the CMS, and you want to use blog, please take a look at this page.

Make Blog Section

At first, you have to know how to manage blog in the web contents which are managed with Content Management System.

The blog section's structure is following.

Blog section's structure

In this structure, there are following 3 types of pages.

  • Blog Top
  • Archive Page
  • Blog Article

These pages are web pages which is managed by Content Management System (CMS).

The deference between the pages of main contents and ones of blog section is the Page Type. You can set the Page Type easily by content editor. The Page Type is one of the attribute of the page managed with CMS.

Page Type and other page attributes

The Blog Top and Archive pages has "blog-category" value, and Blog Article pages has "blog" value. In addition to the Page Type, you can set template for each type of pages.

The actual structure of website is like following picture.

Actual Blog Section

Blog Section Top

The top directory of the blog. This page contains Blog Archive Directories in it.

There is one Blog Section Top page and all of pages relevant to blog are under this page.

Page Type

The Blog Section Top's Page Type is "blog-category". This is same with one of Blog categories and Archive page.

Template Setting

In default template set, the template for Blog Section Top is "Blog Top Page".

Blog category or archive directory

There are multiple blog categories in the Blog section. The blog category contains blog articles.

The blog category can be the category for theme, or archive of blog articles. You can build the blog categories freely.

Page Type

The Blog categories and Archive page's Page Type is "blog-category". This is same with one of Blog Section Top.

Template Setting

In default template set, the template for Blog category page is "Blog Category".

Blog Articles

The blog articles are in the blog categories.

Page Type

The Blog Articles' Page Type is "blog". This type is most used type in the blog section.

Template Setting

In default template set, the template for Blog Article page is "Blog Article".

Write a Blog Post

After making Blog Top Section and Blog category, you can write new articles. In order to write a new article, right click the blog category or latest article in the category if articles are there in the category.

Blog category or Articles

And select "Add a new page" from the context menu shown after right click. Then following dialog box to add a new page appears.

New blog article

On this dialog box, you have to input is following inputs.

  • Page Code
  • Position
  • Blog Title
  • Page type (input "blog")
  • Page Template (Input Blog Article Page)

About Page Template, if you select blog article on right clicking to show context menu, the default value is same with one to set.

But if you select the blog category, please change the value into ones for blog article.

And about the position, if you selected the latest blog article, please select "Before this node". If you selected blog category, then select "inside this node".

After inputting these information, please click the "Create Node" button. Then a new blog article page node is created on the structured tree nodes managed by Content Management System.

Link blog posts from main contents

By setting the keyword tag group to the blog article, you can set links from main articles.

Tags on a page

About the detail of keyword tag's setting, please take a look at Keyword Tag group.

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