Planning to build a new website

When you build a website to realize marketing strategy based on Content SEO, you have to build a system which has following functions.

By learning those functions, you can handle Content Management System ( CMS ).

Building Comprehensive Website

Build a system to realize information architecture strategy for search engines and humans, following point is essential.

Effective Site Structure for main content and blog post

CMS and blog system

In order to make comprehensive site structure, use CMS and make tree structure of content at first. The CMS generates navigation links and bread list to represent page hierarchy.

The search engine detects page hierarchy with internal links, therefore the keyword in the bread list is very important.

In addition to main contents, blog post is effective to cover topics which is not eligible for main contents. For example, following topics are effective.

  • Timely topics
  • Rewriting main content's theme from other point of view
  • Rewriting with impressive sales copy
  • Actual case study

By linking those blog posts with most relevant main content's article, quantity of information increases step by step.

Create an SEO friendly website

After planning the content structure of the website, you have to write contents. And after that, you publish the content page on the website, and notify search engines to add or update pages with sitemap xml file and rss.

The content pages has following attributes.

  • Title and Main Content
  • Short Title for template's navigation
  • Created and updated time stamp
  • Template for the page
  • Grouping articles with Tag
  • Meta tag for each page

On content management and writing, you also have to think SEO. Therefore there are a lot of things to consider, but the system support that.

Control Design of your website

Customizable web templates

Customizable Website's template design is useful to make impressive website Sometimes your template has information about theme of your website or links, then there are opportunities to change them.

When you change the template, following feature is strongly recommended.

  • Easily find html core to change
  • Preview and debug template parts
  • Responsive design or Mobile template is available
  • Export and Import whole template set and partial Html component.

If the Content Management System has all of them, you can freely control web templates.

Support functions on administrating website

The Content Management System is one of the software based on web and database. Therefore you have to administrate the system.

The quality of the system does not directly effect to SEO, but it is important to actually build and manage website.

When you change the server as access increases, and the structure of the content changed, the quality of system is important.

Landing Page Strategy for advertisement

In addition to SEO, some of you have opportunities to use internet advertisement. When you do advertisement, what you want to know is response of visitors.

When you advertise your website, you'll make a landing page for each advertisement. Then the quality of landing page is very important.

Actually build website with Content Management System

Next, actually build your website, and realize the strategy of content marketing and website planning.

The Alinous Document CMS is a content management system for content based SEO, and it has all of the function mentioned in this website. In addition to that, it is open source software and you can install it on cloud based hosting service.

Please take a look at Build a website with CMS.

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