Control Design of your website with easy template engine

The design of a website is implemented by page templates. The templates has common contents and information about site structure. Therefore customizable template engine is necessary to do SEO.

Html Component based Templates

The web design of the page is made from contents you wrote and templates. The flexible template engine is important functions for CMS.

If the template is not flexible, you can not design website as you want. Sometimes the template's structure affects the result of SEO.

Use template parts easily

A page template is consist of following parts.

  • Div layer parts to use two column layout
  • Component used in the template and layer

And they are customised with graphical user interface on administration console of the CMS.

When you customize the template setting, it is essential that you can find where to customize. The CMS which has easy template engine supports you powerfully.

Html5 based customizable template components

The template components which can easily customize, is essential. The component is based on Html5 and you can understand how to embed contents in the html code.

In addition to that, preview and debug the component partially before apply it. By using debugger, you can know what parameter is available on the parts.

Import and Export Design

After you made templates and the components, you can distribute them by exporting them.

Both the entire templates and partial components can be exported and imported, the task to manage template design become comfortable.

Smart Phone and Mobile

The share of smart phone access is increasing more and more. Actually in 2013, the number of smart phone access become greater than one of desktop PC.

There are following ways to create mobile site.

  • Responsive web design
  • Create smart phone page

Both of the methods has good and weak points. I recommend you to use responsive web design for normal website, and use mobile page for landing page.

The Responsive Web Design is excellent solution for search engine, but is has some constrain. Therefore when you make landing page for advertisement, I recommend you to create mobile pages for them.

System Management function of CMS

In this page, I introduces useful CMS functions to manage design. Next, I'm going to introduce more function to manage system and database status.
Website management tools for continuous grow up

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