Import and Export Web Design

After you created excellent templates, you can use it on other websites build with this Content Management System. It is useful when you distribute your template set as design theme, and component as plug-in parts.

Whole Template as Design Theme

You can export entire template as design theme. By selecting

The selected templates are archived as a single zip archive file. It contains top parts of the templates, div layer part, and all Html 5 components used.

Not only the Html design, but also server program, Javascript, and Stylesheet are archived in a file.

Therefore the zip file is suitable to distribute design theme you made.

Export and Import the Html Component partially

The Html5 Components are most basic parts of the design. It can be stand alone, and can preview the design for itself.

That means you can export the component as plug-in parts for the Content Management System. It is useful when you distribute the component created by you.

The Html5 Component is also exported by zip archive file. Therefore you can distribute the zip file.

Next topics is mobile friendly web design

By reading this page, Easy Template Engine of CMS, and Html5 based customizable template components, I guess you can understand how to make CMS templates, and distribute them.

Next topics is making mobile friendly website. Please take a look at Web Design for Smart Phone and Mobile.

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