Design setting for Smart Phone and Mobile

Accesses from smartphone increases, and making web pages for mobile is necessary to create a website to collect access from the search engines.

Create a website cope with mobile access

There are mainly two ways to create mobile friendly website. Each of them has merit and demerit, but I recommend you to create normal pages by responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

The responsive web design is a method to use same html file cope with both desktop pc and mobile browser. Therefore it is easy to maintain the code.

And the search engine crawler can index and analyse page by crawling single page. Because the speed of indexing is faster than making mobile pages. But it does not affect ranking.

In addition to that, by using CMS template engine, you can manage the design more easily. By adding following codes, web browser uses suitable Stylesheet for the browser's device width.

Create mobile pages

When mobile access comes, the web server redirect to the mobile page. Therefore search engine crawler have to crawl 2 times to evaluate both desktop pc and mobile page.

The responsive web design can not change the order to show the web parts. In order to do that, you have to create another page for mobile design.

When you create especially high quality page, you have to adopt this method. This method is used for landing pages for advertisement.

Check if the page is mobile friendly

The mobile page require strict check of usability, therefore you have to use tools to check it.

Use page insight of the google

The Speed Insight provided by google is useful to check it.

Speed insight

It detects the usability errors corresponding to the webmaster tool's mobile usability section. You have to clear the User Experience problem and take 100/100 points in the Usability section.

The other part has nothing to do, then concentrate on the User Experience.

Use web browser's window

The Speed Insight is useful tool, but you can not use it too frequently. It cashes the result for a few minutes, therefore you have to check easily before use it.

Then the web browser is useful. Show the page to check on the browser and make the width narrow, and check the horizon scroll bar does not appears. By this test, you can check the device screen width is configured or not.

And check the distance between links, then the problem will be checked. Another problem is the font size. This is easy to fix.

After those rough test, check it by using Speed Insight.

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