Create a SEO effective website with CMS and Blog

The structure of website is very important to do content based SEO. I'm recommending you to create permanent contents based website with blog articles helping them.

Goal of Website Structure

Website's structure

Permanent main contents and blog posts have each good point and weak point. And each contents helps weak points of other one.

Therefore, main contents which is managed by CMS, and blog article is suitable for contents based SEO and writing strategy.

CMS Function supports the ideal Website

In order to create ideal structure of website for content based SEO, we use blog and Content Management System. The Content Management System (CMS) is used to build main contents, and main content pages works as blog category.

CMS functions for the Main Contents

Content Management

The main content is not only the blog articles, but permanent contents. The blog posts for trends are effective to collect many access at once, but the trends end, it can not collect a lot of access.

But permanent contents are core back bone of the website, and they can permanently collect access from search engine. This trend become obviously as the website grows up. It is because as the website grows up, it come to be able to collect access from keywords which is more frequently queried.

Therefore creating main contents sufficiently is essential to the step by step SEO.

The CMS which can manage tree structured document pages, is useful to make the main content's structure.

Blog posts and Tags to group them

Ideal blog system

After making main contents, which works as great blog categories, you have to write blogs.

The blog is useful tool to write detailed topics, impression sales copy, and timely topics. But it has a weak point. Ordinary blog systems make a lot of useless links.

They often lessen the website's value, that is because the search engines evaluate how much the website's contents are arranged properly by the statistic data of internal links.

As adding blog posts day after day, the leaf of contents tree grows up, and properly grouping them, you can build effective internal link structure without useless links.

Contents pages and blog article management

Next topic is how to manage content pages. Actually there are more necessary functions to manage content in SEO.
SEO friendly Content Management functions

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