Templates, links and site structure

The main contents are essential back bone of content based SEO. Manage these contents with the Content Management system.

Manage the main contents

The main contents are big chance to create high quality contents for both search engine and humans. And it works as blog categories.

When you bring up the website, the structure of website is one of appeal points for search engine. Therefore by creating good contents and link to blog articles, the possibility for long tail keywords to rank in increases.

In addition to that, after you succeeded in long tail SEO, the main contents are suitable to collect access by middle keywords.

Content tree structure on CMS

The main contents have tree structure. This structure is essential to do content based SEO.

The blog has flat structure, but in order to make comprehensive web document, the tree structure is necessary, and the Content Management System have to support it.

Tree structured contents

Links are powerful tool to organize contents, but the structure is also one of them.

The main contents are to be managed continuously by website owner, therefore they have to recognize whole main contents.

If the owners can not recognize entire information architecture of their website, it is hard to add high quality internal links. Of course, the search engine providers know that. Therefore they evaluates entire website by the quality of internal links.

Manipulate with drag and drop

The structure have to be changed easily by drag and drop. When you make the first website, before open it, I guess you'll use the function.

And after started the website, as continuously add web contents, sometimes you think you have to change the structure. Then 301 redirect is effective.

By logging move actions of the content tree, following usage is available.

  • Generate 301 Redirect Permanently setting by using them
  • Rewrite internal links to the old url automatically

Generates Http 301 Redirect Permanently Header

When you move the page, the child pages are also moved. And it is a burden to set Http 301 header to them, and rewrite all links in the body of contents.

It is important to set 301 Redirect header, because when you have deep links to the page, it helps to lose the links' value.

The Content Management System automatically log published page's move. It does not log one of the draft pages.

page move log

Manage each content page

The content is main part of web page. Therefore you have to recognize how the contents now you are creating, are used in the entire website.

Template setting

Select Template for each documents

The content management system manages entire website structure by tree structure. It is same with actual website the visitors see.

A website has many type of pages. For example, following pages are there.

  • Top page
  • Category's main page
  • Detail document
  • Blog Top
  • Blog Archive
  • Landing page for advertisement

Therefore, each page has to have Template setting. If you can choose any template for each pages, you can freely design the website.

Set Page Type

The blog and main contents are different thing, and the usage is also different. The main pages are continuously updated, and blog pages are added.

By setting page type for page content, you can query the pages by it. For example, RSS for blog queries latest pages having 'blog' type. And blog top pages and archive pages queries pages having 'blog' type and located under the current tree node.

Edit Contents

When you write contents, you uses content editor. The usability of the editor is one of the important point to select Content Management system.

Wysiwyg Content Editor

Generally, the page content is edited by Wysiwyg editor. You can write articles by using this.

The Wysiwyg editor is to edit body content of each pages, therefore it have to handle SEO friendly parts in the content's body as embedded objects.

Edit Html source code

Sometimes you have to edit the source code. For example, when you edit micorodata to mark up the scheme which is not supported by CMS template, you have to use it.

By changing the Html editor from Wysiwyg mode to Html Source Code mode, you can edit it.

If the html editor has formatter, it is useful. Because the Html code generated by Wysiwyg editor is not suitable to be edited by humans.

Image handling

To handle images is essential in creating contents. The efficiency affects speed of creation.

If following methods are available, you can create them rapidly.

  • Normally upload image file from local PC
  • Copy a picture on the web browser and paste it on Wysiwyg editor
  • Take screen shot, save clipboard, and paste it
  • Create graph with Office software and paste it

Especially taking partial screen shot of your desktop screen, save it into clipboard, and paste it with Ctrl + V key is useful, when you create e-learning contents.

Draft article status

Writing draft article before publishing it on the webiste is necessary to make a good content.

The CMS can manage following status.

  • Draft only
  • Published
  • Draft + Published

After you finished writing, you can publish the contents. Then the CMS notifies it by Rss feed and pubsubhubbub.

Write Blog articles after making main contents

The main contents are organized document, therefore it is hard to write too detailed information, and contents which is impressive but not suitable for the position. And it is difficult to make many pages.

The blog is free space to write those contents. And it is suitable to make a lot of contents in the website.

Please take a look at Blog Posts and Keyword Tags, next.

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