Landing Page Strategy for advertisement

Generally, the landing page is special page for advertisement. But all of the pages in the website has chance to be visited directly from search result.

All pages are the landing page

Thinking about landing page is also effective in content based SEO, because the most effective SEO is writing useful single page.

Content SEO begin with that, if each pages are not strong, how many links you added to the website, it does not rank up.

Effective landing page

Landing page's process

The effective landing page is same with useful page in SEO. When you promote a page with advertise, you can recognize the chance to be visited and you can set targets for advertising. Therefore you can think who comes this page, and what is interesting for them. 

But when you do SEO, you can do is just to imagine vague target. If you have experience of success in it, you can imagine virtual visitors so definitely that you can create page contents for the target visitors.

But without the experience, it is hard. Therefore promoting with advertisement is a good chance to practice content marketing.

First approach on landing page

The first thing you have to do in the page is to make visitor's motivation to read the page.

The visitors have something they are interested in, or problems. At first, you should show them that you have sympathy to  them. In addition to that, you should show them you have a solution to satisfy them, at same time.

This is the most important thing in making landing page. If it is not possible, visitors leave the page soon.

When you do SEO, it is also important. Because searchers do not know but they experienced. They are searching because they do not know the solution, they can not input concrete keywords which means their solutions.

Create learning process

After they recognize that you have an attractive solution. They come to want to know it.

Then they will take a time for a while to your contents. They do not close browser's tab soon. Therefore, you have to explain about it kindly.

On this phase, you don't need catch phrase, its role is over. The first priority is comprehensiveness, even if the page become long, that is not matter.  You have to write kindly as possible as you can, about the reason why the solution is suitable for them.

Additional information

A person who has problem also has other relevant problem. It is a chance to give extra information about your solution. If actually visitors has the solution, and your solution has originality, they feel it is wonderful.

This process is also same with search engine friendly, useful page. It covers attractive additional information.

How much you understands the co-occurring demands is significantly important in landing page creation and SEO.

Difference between for advertisement and SEO

The landing page for advertisement and SEO is almost same. But there are a few different points. That is because following reasons.

  • On using advertisement, the target is definitely and narrow
  • Landing page for advertisement is not website, an independent page has whole information
  • Advertisement's goal is sometimes immediate conversion

When you do content marketing, the landing page for promotion using advertisement is same. It is because content marketing is method to promote by writing sales copies.

But when the priority of other fact is stronger than it, they are not same.

Introduce additional information by links

When you have to generate conversion immediately, and many competitors are there, introducing additional information by a link to external site means the customer go to other page, and it increases possibility to purchase at other shop.

Or links to internal site means it makes the customers cool as the time passes, and lose opportunities to make decision.

Optimization for Mobile devices

The landing page for advertisement is very special page, because it costs money as a visitor comes.

Therefore when we create ordinary contents, most of pages adopt responsive web design because of convenience of use. But some of special site for mobile promotion uses special page for mobile.

Think about content based SEO again

To think about landing page is good practice to start content SEO. It supports to imagine virtual visitor to the page you are now writing.

When you promote by advertisement, you have to pay for every click, but SEO is free. Let's think about it again.

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