Website management tools for continuous grow up

You have to add contents and blog post continuously to bring up your website. Then, the status of contents structure changes day and day. Following functions are useful to maintain.

Backup system

This Content Management System can back up total database into the zip file. It is useful when you move server.

Administrate web based database system

When the software is provided as Paas platform, web browser based database administration tool is very useful.

The content management system has console to execute SQL.

SQL administration from web browser

Use excellent page for advertisement

Next theme is making landing page for advertisement. When you find a hit contents on running website, promoting your website with the content is very effective way to bring up it rapidly.

By reading this website, you can edit and arrange the content, and create much more impressive sales copy, and you can manage web contents freely.

Please take a look at Landing Page Strategy for advertisement, next.

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