SEO friendly Content Management functions

After you write contents, you have to publish them on the website and manage it. And the data of page contents are used in many functions of this content management system.

Make web page suitable for SEO

In order to be appreciated correctly, you have to create web pages comprehensive to both humans and search engines. That is up to actual web creation technique

Html header and meta tag handling

The title, description are the most important facts of a web page. It decides most of destiny of the page on search engine result page.

In addition to that, we have to set meta tags for robots, so that search engines can recognize which page is important and not so.

Web components friendly with SEO

When you create web contents, there are some useful web parts to create SEO friendly pages. For exmaple, bread list and index anchor lists are some of them.

The Content Management System which supports these functions are search engine friendly system. Making effective site structure is important, but to create correct pages is also important for SEO.

Publish Contents

After you write a content, you have to notify it to search engines. In order to do that, "sitemap.xml" and RSS feed are generally used. In addition to that, we can use the pubsubhubbub to notify the sitemap and Rss feeds are updated.

And the content status Draft and Published are useful to write additional contents after opened the website.

SEO chekcer

When you administrate website, checking how search engines are evaluating you website, is essential to do content based SEO continuously.

The Content Management System which has following functions can supports your website powerfully.

Check contents status

The search engines give penalty to the website which is over optimised. The one of the measure content penalty is the keyword stuffing.

The CMS is to manage entire contents, therefore it has function to check keywords balance, page theme, and pages having similar pages.

Check access and crawler logs

The search engines frequently crawls important pages. If pages which you want readers to read, are not crawled, there are possibilities that your page has some problem.

By checking the status of crawl log, you can detect the problem and take measure for them.

How the contents are combined with Design

The page templates have design to show the contents you wrote. By learning how the template engine use the contents, you can understand why those functions are necessary more.

Please take a look at Control Design of your website with easy template engine, next.

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