Check access and crawler logs

The Content Management System has function to analyse googlebot's access, and webmaster tools status. By checking them, you can check the health of actual SEO status.

Check crawler log

By checking crawler log, you can check SEO health of the website. The crawler comes to important pages, and if the crawler does not come to a page, it has some problem.

Raw log data

The web master tools show statistic data of crawling. But it is only the number of access.

crawler stats of web master tools

Actually, there are some kinds of crawlers. By watching the raw log data on Content Management System, you can check actual crawling.

raw data

By watching this log, I think you can guess what search engine is doing in the back ground.

Check last crawled time

Checking last crawled time for each page is effective way to check the website's SEO health. When you use the "Fetch as Google" after big change of website's template, this log is useful.

crawler last visited

And it show data of webmaster tools, those are Internal links detected and Content keywords. The pages, which both of two is detected, is appreciated pages.

By sorting by Last Crawled time stamp, you can easily find that.

Use google webmaster tools's data

The Google provides web masters tools so that web owner can check the status. When we check how the website's contents are evaluated, following two data is useful.

Internal links detected

Internal links are shown in the tools. They are useful in order to know which the pages are appreciated.

The tool does not show all of the detected links, it does only appreciated ones. When you access the page, the pages internal links for the pages are shown.

internal links

All of the pages are not listed here, only the pages which have high quality internal links to the pages.

Content keywords

The Content keywords pages shows which keywords are detected by the search engine.

Content Keywords

It has graph which shows how many times the keywords are used in the contents. In order to avoid content penalty, this page is useful.

You can download the csv data of this graph by Download this table button. After that, you can convert the data by Content Management System's tool.

Converted content keywords csv

This table shows significant keywords for each page. And all pages are not contains in this data.

The search engine do not detect keywords in pages which are not appreciated. By running website for a while, you'll find the pages detected internal links and keywords content is almost same.

I guess that is because the internal links which are appreciated, should link useful pages.

Check your Content SEO again

The most important things, when you do contents based SEO, is affluent and useful contents. If you don't make useful contents, actual access from the search engine will be less than you estimate.

If your website has a lot of page volume, but estimated number of visitors do not come, let's check how to do content SEO again.

Please take a look at The Strategy of web pages to maximize contents value.

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