Publish Contents and Notify it to Search Engine

After you write a content, you have to publish it and notify it to the search engine as first as possible. The content management system supports the life cycle, writing draft, publish, and notify to the search engine.

Writing Draft contents

After you opened the website, writing draft content is necessary. Most of CMS has this function.

Preview and Publish the page

After you write draft function, you can preview the page with current template.

preview content

The appearance in the wysiwyg editor and actual website is different, therefore you have to check it before release the page.

After you check it, publish the page, then you can check following things.

publish page

  • How this publish effects to other pages
  • Update the time stamp or not

When you update the timestamp of the page, "sitemap.xml" and RSS feed is also updated, and ping is sent by using Pubsubhubbub.

Manage contents at once

As the contents increases, it is necessary to manage contents at once. The Content Management System can manage content pages by not only tree structure, but also table.

Manage  contents

You can query the page contents, and change the status at once. It can manage following stuffs.

Notify published contents to the search engine

After you write a new content, you have to notify it to the search engine. It follows links therefore it is possible to be notified. But it had better make crawled as soon as possible.

If someone else read the page and make copy page, the page indexed at first is assumed as the original content.


Sitemap xml file is basic function to notify the pages in the website to search engines. You can register them to web master tools.

For example, following webmaster tools are there.

You can select the pages included in sitemap by page type.

sitemap setting

The sitemap xml has following element for each pages.

  • loc - Location of the page
  • lastmod - Last modified time

There are other elements, but they are not actually used by the search engines.

RSS feed

RSS feed is xml file to notify updated or added pages for search engine. The sitemap xml has last modified time, but it is effective to register RSS feed to webmaster tools, in addition to sitemap.

The Content Management system can generate multiple RSS feeds, and you can closely select which pages to include.

Rss feed setting

Following stuff is available.

By using this query, you can create RSS feed for specific topics. And you can submit blog portal sites which deals  RSS feeds of specific information.


The Pubsubhubbub is mechanism to notify the update of RSS feed. Therefore when the RSS feed is updated, Content Management System automatically send it.

The main url to send is following stuff.

Check the entire contents status for SEO

When you doing content marketing based on SEO, the keyword balance of the entire website is important to avoid penalty.

The Content Management System has function to check them. Please tale a look at Check contents status, next.

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