Web components friendly with SEO

After optimizing the header of each web page, you have to do navigation parts and body content. Then following components powerfully support the tasks.

Navigation parts

Navigation parts are collection of internal links and external outbound links. Putting effective links on the web page increases the quality of the web page.

Bread List

The bread list is the most important navigation part. It shows search engines how the contents in the website is organized.

bread list

The search engines detect the page hierarchy from internal links. This links are important to detect the theme of page and the hierarchy's category.

When you aim to rank in with middle keywords, those links are effective. Therefore you have to select effective keywords when you make a new categories.

Relevant blog topics

The relevant blog topics realize the website structure using the Content Management System and Blog system.

It suggests the blog entries you had better read after current web page.

Relevant blog topics

These entries are calculated by using tag groups. Therefore, the effectiveness is up to how you optimize the tag groups.

The search engine users have a demand for visited content, therefore if the suggested blog entries mention about it, they will click the links.

Therefore, when you design the group tags, you have to create tags for the demands, not for the functions.

When you make the product manual, the tags represents each function, but the manual is not suitable for content marketing. You are now creating website for content marketing

Page navigation

Page navigations shows the structure of website by listing the pages around current page.

page navigation

It is used on main content pages. When you learn something from website, the page's order to read is important.

The main contents suggest next page to read, but the navigation gives panoramic view of the contents.

Social Book Marks

Social book mark is important to build effective inbound links. Social book mark is the first step of acquiring these links.

Each social media has target users and feature, therefore you have to use ones suitable for your theme.

Body parts and Contents

The links from body part is most effective ones, and the duration for the visitors to stay is effective to rank up.

Index of the page

When you write useful page, you have to contain enough information in order to satisfy reader's demand. Then naturally, the page have volume and length.

Therefore you had better set the named anchor in the main content, like below.

list of anchor names

In addition to that, it is useful on linking to the other content. When linked content has anchor name, you can put internal links which has name. The links are comprehensive to search engines, and also to humans.

Search engine can the link is reference to other content, and it is not one to organize hierarchy.

Movie component

Movie is effective to make readers understand. And it leads to long duration that readers stays at the page.

Movie part

If he wysiwyg editor supports to insert movies with iframe tag, it is effective.

Publish contents after creation

After you create web pages, you have to publish them on your website. Then you have to notify that to the search engines so that they can find them as soon as possible.

That is because wiring original contents is essential to do SEO, and if there are some copied contents, search engines assume the web page they indexed first as the original one.

Please take a look at Publish Contents, next.

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