Internet Advertisement and Sales Copywriting

Small business owners uses internet advertisement, in addition to content based SEO. If you have copywriting skill, you can use ad effectively. this page mentions how to use them.

What you have to do before using advertisement

In order to use advertisement, you have to prepare the plan landing pages, and contents.

As the search engine marketing is to catch target customers by the contents, internet advertisement marketing is also up to the content you make.

Consider the target customers and the timing

At first, you have to do is to consider the target of your product or service. This is the first and most important thing.

Without considering customer's psychology, we can not write excellent sales copy, because there are no excellent contents for everyone.

The scheme to evaluate the contents is up to the target customers. Most suitable contents for their demand is the most excellent contents.

Make sales copy and landing page

The contents for SEO and advertisement is different. Both methods to collect customers have to reach the targeted customers.

But how to do that is different, because the advertisement requires cost to get traffic which increases by the amount of access.

The fact changes the goal of making content when you attempt to use advertisement after doing SEO writing. Therefore you have to recognize the difference and same points between SEO and advertisement writing.

SEO writing

In SEO writing, mass of the traffic solve the concentrated targeting for conversion.

  1. Write contents for wide target
  2. Customers for sales conversion from the target are automatically extracted by the mass of traffic

The most important goal of the SEO writing is creating a website, which is not page, the customers continuously access.

When customer click the organic result links, no cost is necessary. Therefore to collect clicks is good thing.

And there are a lot of pages in the website. Each page has concentrated interest, and they will collect each target users.

There are many type of pages, which lead to sales conversion, and not lead to it. That is because there are various the timings of the interest of users.

If the interest is relevant to purchasing something, it lead to sales conversion, but it is nothing to do with that, it does not.

SEO writing can target both users, that is because the website has internal links and other pages. Even if the user hit the page which has low possibility of conversion, the page's links invite users to the high conversion page if the user is going to buy something.

And if the customers come to the website continuously, it will solve the timing problem to suggest sales copy. If it is necessary, they will actively read it.

Therefore the goal of SEO writing is to collect wide target of customers, which includes sales target.

Advertisement copywriting

When you use advertisement, you have to consider conversion rate, because a traffic to the website has cost.

Making more sales with least traffic is the mission of advertisement.

In order to do that, you have to choose the interest which lead to sales directly. This is the most big difference between SEO writing and sales copywriting for advertisement.

Search Engine advertisement

Search engine advertisement is near from SEO. That is because it can forcibly list your ad on the SERP.

This advertisement is almost same with SEO. You just chose the pages whose topics and theme lead to sales.

Social media advertisement

Social media advertisement is tools to collect a lot of fans of your website's communities. The facebook is one of the tool which small business owners can use comfortably.

Target setting

You can select target customers by following factors.

  • Interest
  • Location and age
  • Activeness on the Social Network
  • Device (Desktop or smartphone)

The target setting is vaguer than one of search engine ad. Therefore the click through rate become lower than it.

Link target

We can link the advertisement to

  • Company or organization page in the Social Media
  • External website

The Social marketing platform recommends the page on it. That is because if once connect the user account with the page, you can continuously output information to the users.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is one of the big feature of Social Network marketing.

If the user want to spread the topics, it spreads to the acquaintances of the user, and it does chain reaction.

In order to aim that, you have to use topics which will be liked by certain width of target users. It is similar to SEO's targeting.

When you select the page of company on the Social Media as the link target of advertisement, it is effective.

That is because the advertisement for the viral marketing is not to make sales. To make sales is after that. Therefore you have to get opportunities to send information to the users after that.

Banner advertisement

The banner advertisement is like Social Network advertisement without viral marketing tool. But it have remarketing tool which follows up a customers who visit the website.

We can put banner picture or text ad on the advertisement network the promotion companies have.

Customer target setting

Customer targeting is following factors.

  • Customer's interest
  • Topics of content on the web page
  • Location of customers
  • Device (Desktop or smartphone)

The banner advertisement is located on general websites. Then you can select the websites to show it.

Remarketing tool

Remarketing tool is very useful tool to follow up customers once visited website managed by you.

This tool is used to following purpose and strategy.

  • Suggest product or service again and again for certain period
  • Suggest other product to the customers

Following up is very important, because the customer need time to make decision. This tool solve the problem.

Movie advertisement

Movie advertisement is very hot promotion tool. That is because the cost is low.

But you have to create a promotion movie. Because of the necessity of the movie, comparing with other advertisement, so many business owners do not use that.

It is chance for small business owners. Once you learn the tools to create a movie, you can create them by your self, and use these advertisement by low cost.

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