Customer's psychology and Copywriting

To know the customers is most effective way to write excellent sales copy. The marketing skill is up to this knowledge.

The first goal of internet marketing is to invite customers to your website, before purchase something.

Why customer's psychology is important

Selling things means to control customers' mind. In order to do that, you have to know the customers very well.

Without that, you can not write sales copy which is suitable for customers who want your product or service.

There are no excellent contents in the world, but contents which are suitable for customers are there. What is good is up to the goal of customers. And sometimes the goal is different from your product's goal, even if your goal is correct in solving customer's problem.

Therefore you have to catch the customer and change the wrong goal to correct one by having your content read by your customers.

Customer's status on using internet

There are a lot of internet users, and a lot of status. You have to understand their status and how they works.

When the demand must be satisfied

If there are immediate needs, they seriously search contents which have same problem.

But it is not immediate, they do not use search engines.

This factor is relevant to the effectiveness of search engine marketing. On selling something, the timing to suggest the sales copy is very important, and the search engines are very effective tool to solve the timing.

In order to catch the customers who do not have immediate immediate needs, banner advertisement and viral with social networks are effective. But it is very difficult to sell thing to such customers.

How much the demand is strong

Considering the strength of the desire and problem also is very important. The search engine marketing is good at responding strong demand.

Searching something is active operation, therefore if the demand is not strong enough, they do not search it.

Therefore you have to focus on demand with certain strength when you write the sales copy.

Budget status of customers

This factor is relevant to the selection of keywords of catch phrase.

There are a lot of type of customers, whose job, income, gender, age and so on are different.

The most important factor on selling product to them is the budget. Therefore sometimes the price is key factor of the catch phrase.

But the most of customers have enough budget and strong demand to the specification of product, the price is not key factor.

Get response and traffic to the website

In order to do correct search engine marketing, you have to aim at target which is suitable for search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Target Zone

The search engine users have some need with strong demand. At least, they have something they want to know definitely.

The article have to completely suitable to the information demand. Therefore the issue of a single blog article become niche.

In order to cover wide topics by collection of niche issues, you have to write a lot of blog articles. But positively thinking, it has a chance to make website with many content and pages.

Website with a lot of contents is liked by search engines, and too small website is not approved by search engines. 

But website with huge useless pages are not approved by them. Therefore you have to write useful articles day and day so that your website will be approved by them.

Aim at customers who want something now

Each articles have to focus on the niche questions. Then you will worry about duplicated contents. But search engines do not give penalty for duplicated contents in the same domain.

The Google clearly declare that.

If there are some pages which write same things, but the point of view of them is different, search engines will assume them as independent original contents.

The genuine problem is there is no original content in the page.

Therefore you can write a lot of blog articles focusing on each point of view about the niche problems.

Aim at customers who have strong demand of information

When you write title and headline of the article, you have to choose keywords to which make customers pay high attention.

Especially, the title is short, but it have to be comprehensive. Therefore you have to choose attractive keywords in order to catch customers.

The reason why customers use search engine is that they could not find what they want before use it. In most of case, they know similar information, but it is different from very thing they want.

Therefore when you attempt to catch such customers, to focusing on the difference between general information and niche one is good way.

By including keywords, which represent the difference, in the title, it become very attractive.

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