Relevance between SEO and sales copywriting

Sales copywriting is essential part of content based SEO. You can't succees without this technique.

Technical SEO vs marketing content based SEO

Copywriting skill is the most important skill in SEO. That is because the search engines has mission to pick up excellent content for each user.

As the engines are made progress in evolution, they will exactly approach the goal.

Technical SEO is essential but not enough

Technical SEO requires following things.

  • The number of pages
  • Number of words in a page content
  • Internal link strategy
  • Building inbound external domain links
  • Acquiring social network signals

But they are not enough to succeed in SEO.

There are many websites which do these things very well, but they can not get traffic from search engines.

The search engine's goal is to find contents which are demanded by users. That is completely different from technical tasks.

Technical actions are necessary, but they are to help spreading good contents via search engines.

Difference between websites with same quantity of contents is copywriting skill

Some people think what is the difference between the websites which have almost same format and volume of content in a page,  number of pages, and link status.

The answer is whether the contents are what searchers want, and the contents contains phrase and keywords the searchers input.

In addition to these conditions, following factors are necessary.

  • Searchers can recognize the content is what they want by short title and summary
  • The headline of the article can make readers recognize the page has demanded information
  • Readers can find a new answer by the contents
  • Readers want to read the page again, and want to read other contents of the author

These are the goal of copywriting. Therefore, if you can do that, following things happen.

  • Click through rate on the SERP become higher
  • Duration of reading time become longer
  • Some of the readers book mark the article by social book marks
  • Some of the blogger write about your page with a link to your website
  • Some of the readers connect with you by the social network

These things are what website owners are going to do. By copywriting, we can do that easier than doing technically.

Of course technical SEO is essential in order to make search engines recognize your contents. Without that, nothing starts.

Technical skill is required on launching a new website

Technical skill is necessary when you start a new site, because the search engines are fighting with spam and useless websites which are born in the internet.

The search engines has huge budget of network and CPU, but they are not enough to analyse all of the web pages in the world.

Therefore the search engines have to select websites which worth to analyse the contents. That means if your website is not approved by them, your contents is not appreciated.

That is before the contents on the website is read by the robots. The robots can not recognize the value and demand of contents before that. Therefore technical SEO is essential on this phase.

Copywriting is more important after the website approved

After the website is approved by search engines, then copywriting skill is more important.

Then you can focus on writing page contents with considering following factor.

  • Demand of the information
  • What questions the target users input
  • How to write comprehensive contents to explain the solution

Once the website is approved, by only writing excellent contents, the traffic from search engines increases continuously.

Website for basic platform of sales copywriting

When you make a new website, you have to build web system.

CMS and blog based web system

I recommend you a CMS with blog system. That is because the CMS and blog can supplement their weak points each other.

The CMS is good at making arranged website, comprehensive structure is available. But it is hard to write a lot of contents, because on using structured web site, the relevance between the child page and parent pages become the restriction. Therefore you can't write what you feel like writing right now freely.

Otherwise the blog is good at writing a lot of blog posts freely. But it is not good at arranging the articles, just category tags are there.

By using web system including blog and CMS, you can have both merit.

Especially, a new website needs a lot of contents, therefore the blog is essential. But as the website is approved, the CMS is effective to make arranged contents.

CMS with internal link building

The internal links are the most important factor for start up websites with a new domain. The search engines evaluates the importance of the pages from the linked status.

In order to build internal links effectively following tools are available.

Link from top page

This is the most important factor for a new website. The top page is special page which is exactly indexed and analysed. The pages linked from such pages are index and analysed.

Therefore you had better link to the all of main contents from the top page. And as the number of pages increases, change the links.

Keyword tags and recommendation links

Keyword tags are effective tools to arrange the pages. In addition to that, the CMS calculates recommendation links from them.

The recommendation links are links to the relevant pages, so the search engines appreciate them. That is because the proper links increase the usability.

Bread list

The bread list is effective links to show the site structure by links. If the blog articles has bread list to the most relevant main contents, it supports the main contents to be highly appreciated.

Sitemap and RSS feed

Sitemap and Rss feed are excellent tool to invite crawlers. The web pages have to be crawled again and again.

The new site is not approved, and it takes some months, the period is up to the crawling speed.

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