SEO copywriting for small business owners

Currently, search engine marketing is the best solution for small business owners to collect their customers. In order to do that, they have to learn SEO and copywriting skill.

Natural promotion with search engines is the best way

On of the biggest cost for small business owners is cost of advertisement and marketing. But by success in SEO, the cost become almost zero.

Companies need to be acknowledged

That is a very big merit. Big companies are strong, because the capital is enough big to make the company and products be acknowledged by many people.

But in order to do that, the company have to promote the product continuously.

Most of small business owners can not do that, because they can not pay expensive promotion fee continuously. But if they secceeded in SEO, they can do same thing with big companies.

After the promotion made sense, success of the business is up to quality of their product or service.

Difference between advertisement and natural promotion

The advertisement is to show information about the product or service forcibly. But we can not force to read content to customers, especially in the internet.

On the web browser, there are no sales man in from of them, so they have no reason to hesitate to deny to read content which is not interested.

In order to make customers recognize the product, customers have to read the content seriously and actively.

Therefore we have to fulfil following conditions.

  • Correct timing that the customer want the information
  • Correct target customers who are interested in the content

To fulfil both of them at once is very difficult. That is the difficulty of natural promotion.

Search engine solve timing and target customers to provide contents

The search engines are used when customers has immediate demand of information.

Therefore, the traffic from search engines is by customers who want the information right now. That solve the timing of giving content to the customers.

And the target of customers is solved at once. That is because the result of search engines is answer for the question.

Contents which is promising in SEO is also promising in advertisement

If you succeeded in getting access by SEO, the contents are demanded and promising.

The search engine marketing solves timing and target problem automatically, therefore if they are solved, the content is effective.

When you use advertisement, you have to solve these conditions by target setting and mass of the preview count.

The target users setting is available in most of advertisement, but the timing is not solved. That is cause of matter and there are no direct solution about that.

Therefore you have to solve that by mass. The click through rate of the advertisement will be much lower that that of the search engines, but you do not have to care.

How to make website for search engine marketing

In order to do search engine marketing, you have to create a SEO friendly website.

Create website by yourself

Making website's contents by yourself is best way. Because the content should include actual experience about the service and products.

Of course making web system and design can be outsourced. But the text contents had better be managed by person who has affluent knowledge about it.

Outsource creating contents

There are writing outsource companies, which write web contents instead of you. If you are so busy that you can not write it, you'll use the service.

A new domain website have to have certain quantity of contents, and the history of the website seem to be managed. Therefore it is tough task to make search engines approve your website. It takes about 3 to 6 months. You have to write a lot of contents even if no visitors come.

Outsourcing service is effective to get over this period.

But when you use it, you have to do following things at least.

  • Write basic parts of main contents
  • Write some of example articles
  • Evaluate contents written by outsourcee

Copywriting is the basic skill

Copywriting is the basic skill of SEO, because the search engines are question and answer system, and they are finding contents answering to demanded questions.

The difference between SEO friendly site and not friendly one is up to this point. The page content should be a good answer for demanded questions.

In order to check it, small business owners have to evaluate that directly. The person who know their customer's behavior and psychology can evaluate that.

Therefore even if you outsource the content writing, you have to learn the sales copywriting.

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