Write Sales Copy for goal of each customers

To writing contents with  understanding customer's psychology is the best solution of the internet marketing. In this page, I'm going to mention how to do that with your website.

Satisfy customers by giving entire answer to the information demand

Customers uses search engines when they has some need for information. They needs answer for the question.

But the question is often vague, and the answer of it is the next question to approach the very answer they want to know. That means the true answer for the customers is unknown to the customers themselves.

IIf the customers can reach the answer, they will truly be satisfied, and your website can give big impression to them. If that happened, customers will desire connection with you to keep in touch with you. Then the social media network will works. And that is ideal marketing approach using website.

Base knowledge platform

The base knowledge is the very answer to customers. But most of them can not find it with search engines. That is because they have to turn over the question by finding new question as answer of the first question on after another.

Therefore this knowledge is valuable for customers who find this is the answer.

In this Content Management System, there are blog parts and web content parts in a website.

Site structure

The web pages which are not blog articles are the content pages. Their goal is to arrange the knowledge systematically and mention the basic theory.

By these main contents, customers can understand entire knowledge architecture. After that, they can have motivation to read other articles, step by step.

If customers have motivation to read the main contents, they can understand how to start learning in order to solve their problem, and if the web contents cover enough knowledge, customers will be satisfied.

Catch the customers by aimed articles

But before making customers read the main contents, we have to give motivation to do that. That means to catch customers by sales copywriting.

The goal of sales copywriting is to show them that this website has a lot of information they desire now.

In order to do that, we have to do is to show them that we can sympathise your problem, and break down it into more detailed issues.

How to catch the customers by blog articles

The blog article is excellent way to catch the customers. That is because it can concentrate on single issue without considering constrains with other pages.

Therefore you can concentrate on sales copywriting.

Sympathise with catch phrase

The title of the page is catch phrase of the page. It is very important. The title should be short phrase representing the problem.

If each article focuses on a detailed issue, that is very effective to the customers who has the problem.

Because whether customers read the article or not is up to the title on the search result page. The search result has description, but you can definitely specify to show on it is the title, and what the customers read at first is also title.

Make customers feel sure by top of the article

After the customer click the link to your website on search result, the page is shown. Then the customer want to know if the page has information what the customer want to know right now.

To respond that is the goal of the top part of the article.

If the customer make sure that this page is the answer of current question, he will attracted by the article, and start reading seriously.

This process is to catch the customer and give motivation to read, and it is the most important part of sales copywriting on the web page.

There are a lot of contents in the internet, and customers can not read all of them. Therefore catching customers is the most important skill in the internet marketing.

Hint about the solution at the bottom half of the page

After achieving to give motivation to read, it is easier than before. And the goal of solution part is satisfy the customers. By satisfying them, you can brand the website to them.

In this part, you have to write the solution, but the solution is complex, and there are a lot of preconditions to learn before executing the operations of the knowledge, link to main the content is effective.

The search engines likes web page which totally covers necessary information about the issue. Therefore you had better write following information in a single page.

  • Essential knowledge
  • Summary of necessary knowledge to understand essential knowledge
  • Summary of additional other problems on considering the solution

In addition to that, you have to links to guide additional information. Links for following pages are preferred.

  • Detail of necessary knowledge
  • Detail of other problems, or articles which mention that

Image the customers who come via search engines, and what they want to know. To include all of the information they want to know in the page  is highly appreciated by the search engine.

And by using internal links, usability of the page increases, and search engines also appreciate the links.

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