Content Marketing and SEO Strategy

This is a tutorial of content marketing using search engine. Content based Search Engine Optimization is essential and powerful method to build a strong website. But in order to do that, you have to do planning about content and technical strategy.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content is King

Now a day, search engine become to evaluate web contents. By making effective contents, you can acquire a lot of visit from search engines.

Search Engine knows needs of search words, therefore it appreciate the website responds the needs, and it has comprehensive structure or not.

If you can write suitable content for user's needs, the website can appears on the result of search engine unless it has long history and many links.

That means a new website can grow up step by step by getting visitors from search engine.

Comprehensive Site Architecture

High quality website has comprehensive site structure. Search engine has mechanism to evaluate the structure of internal links, and that is essential to do content based SEO.

In addition to main contents build with Content Management System, blog is useful to write timely and impressive article for some topics about the content's theme.

Technical SEO Topics

In addition to having effective contents, you have to understand technical SEO topics. By learning them, you can do contents based marketing for real.

Build Effective Links safely

Website has internal link and external inbound link. Of course, external link is necessary to make your web site grow up, but internal link is also important.

There are two types of internal link.

  • links on navigation and common parts generated by CMS
  • links on the body of main content of the page

The first links implements site structure, there for the content architecture is designed proper, it is automatically optimised.

But links on the content's body is built by content writes manually. This link is very important. Before you acquire a quantity of natural links, these link helps the website to appear with small words on Search Engine Result Page.

And if you have satellite sites, you can introduce the contents from the site by yourself. But over optimized link causes penalty, therefore you have to link your site safely.

Avoid SEO Penalty

Search Engines prefer natural contents and signals on the internet, and gives penalty or evaluate low to the website having feature of artifical signals targeting search engines. Over optimized seo is target of penalty now.

But if you do not intend to do that, sometimes your website has signals for penalty. There for you have to know when the penalty occurs, and avoid that.

Web system to realize content marketing strategy

After you understand overview of the strategy for content marketing using search engines, let's think about the system to manage your website.

Knowledge of content management system is necessary when you plan how to actually build your website. Please take a look at Website Planning , next.

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