Knowing when SEO Penalty occurs to avoid that

Search engines are fighting with SEO spam every day. There are a lot of people who is going to rank up their webites without making good contents.

Why penalty is necessary for search engines

That is because writing excellent contents is difficult, and there are a few people who can do it. But they have to collect many accesses from search engine in order to succeed in  their business.

Eligible contents for search engine result are fewer than the demand. In order to write such a contents, the writer have to satisfy following things.

  • Affluent experience about the knowledge
  • Comprehensive writing skill
  • Skill to organize properly

Search engine users use them to find out what they want to know, but if there are no contents contains the very thing they want to know, they will change other search engine.

What is the penalty

The penalty has two types, algorithm penalty and manual penalty, generally. And there are two types of penalties.

  • Penalty
  • Filter

The penalty is for website owners who do spam marketing on purpose, and the filter is to filter low quality contents. Both of them are method to give minus points to the website. Therefore, you have to be aware of both of them.

Without being aware of them, we have a lot of opportunities to catch them, especially filters. That is because most of effective signals has risk of penalty.

That is because if a person who does not have good contents going to rank up, they research the signals search engine appreciates, and make the signals on purpose.

Penalties for contents

Penalties for contents occurs when you do seo for old search engines. Old engine uses keyword density to find out suitable pages to show for keyword query. But currently, they do not use keywords density.

And other facts are about usability of the pages.

Penalties for over optimized links

The website's contents are evaluated with links, both internal and external inbound links. And most of penalties are caused with the links.

What is over optimized links

Over optimized links is unnaturally contains signals of high quality links. Search engine evaluates the statistic data of links, and some of the value is greater than threshold, they give penalty or minus points.

  • Diversity of anchor texts
  • The ratio of anchors same with frequently queried keywords
  • The ratio of links whose anchor do not match for linked contents
  • The number and ratio of links which contain optimized  co-occurring keyword

What you have to be mainly aware of

What you have to be aware of is links with short anchor text. They are sometimes same with big keywords frequently queried on search engines. Such links are effective, but if you use it unnaturally, you will get penalty.

But search engines knows following things.

  • The bread lists which contain short and same anchors are natural
  • Common parts like header and footer naturally contains optimized links

But there are actual cases, that footer and header links causes penalty. It is because the usage of common links are unnatural.

The links which is useful for users has reason to be clicked. The search engine can evaluate how much the link has possibility to be clicked.

Knowing penalty helps planning website

You had better know penalties and signals to rank up in SEO. That is because if you made great contents, but search engines can not understand them, you will lose opportunities to bring up the website.

The search engines are not perfect, Therefore you have to know how search engines evaluates, and which patterns are evaluated correctly.

Next, let's plan to make a new website by using Content Management System and blog. Please take a look at Website Planning, next.

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