Website Strategy for Content SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is not just a technique to make contents including keywords and building links. It is closely related with real marketing.

Search Engine is QA System

The Search Engine is QA ( Questions and Answer ). Therefore it have to retrieve most suitable web pages for the users. And it knows which keywords users are input for search.

Web page eligible to appear on the search result

That means websites which has contents close to the searching keywords, and having much information around the topics, tends to appear on the result. In addition to that, it evaluates website's quality and trust.

And one more important thing is that the pages shown on the result must be answer for searchers. Even if the contents is answer, it is not eligible when the searchers can not understand it is what they are searching.

What the Search Engine evaluates

There are more than over 200 metrics for search engine to evaluate contents and website. But simply thinking, following stuffs are the main.

  • Internal and external inbound links
  • Quantity of information closed to the keyword's theme
  • Structure of the website is well arranged or not
  • Click through rate ( CTR ) on the search result page

Especially, CTR becoming more and more important. But it is course of matter, because standing on the view of search engine makers, it is most important metrics to evaluate quality of search engine, and high CTR is goal of search engines.

Contents is first step in step by step SEO

External inbound links is very hard to new website owners. In order to build them, simply costs a lot of money and time. But other metrics is available by think a lot so that you can create great contents.

External inbound link is powerful metrics to be ranked in big words, but most of middle and small words are available by content based SEO. By using this access, you can bring up your web site step by step.

Planning Concept of Website's Contents

I guess you understand to growing up a new website step by step is possible. Next, actually think about the concept of website.

SEO friendly site and not friendly one

There are some kind of website contents. For example, online manual, product site, sales promotion site, and so on.

And you have to know there is search engine friendly site and not friendly site. Therefore you have to know the difference between them.

Keywords and Theme for Long Tail SEO

When you consider the contents architecture of your new website, you have to choose some keywords representing the site's concept.

This is very important process before building a new site, and most of destiny of it is decided. In order to do step-by-step SEO, you have to collect long tail access, which is collection of many small words, at first.

Site Structure for Comprehensive and High Quality Website

Search Engine evaluates quality of websites, it uses site structure to evaluate that. And also use it to evaluate quantity of information about the website's theme.

I strongly recommend to use Content Management System, not blog, to do content SEO. It is because structure of website implemented with internal link is essential to do content based SEO.

Use MindMap for first contents planning

When you start to plan contents overview, MindMap is suitable tool to do that. By using tool like Freemind, you can scrap and build the site concept structure.

This is very tough work, but in order to make excellent content, this is essential.

Make satellite sites

If the website which introduce your product directly is not suitable for SEO, you had better to make a satellite site.

The satellite site have to be not only for search engines but human. If the satellite site can answer the search engine user's question directly and comprehensively, it make sense.

The satellite site is a sales person to explain why your product is eligible to learn. Web content marketing is similar to selling on real world.

Make Website with CMS and Blog

After you understand how to make contents and the information architecture, actually make website implements that by Content Management System and Blog.

It is ideal system to realize content based search engine marketing. Please take a look at How to build Comprehensive Site Architecture with CMS and Blog, next.

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