How to choose Keywords and Theme for Long Tail SEO

Generally speaking, content marketing is based on long tail seo. The long tail keywords collects most of website's access and it is suitable for a new websites to do setp by step seo.

Choose keywords naturally as possible as we can

Choosing keywords is decisive and tough task for a new website's creator. Currently, there are some methods to check popularity of keywords, but it is tough work to research all keywords.

And there will be many possibility to find new good keywords on continuous running of website.

Therefore the goal of keyword research is to make the framework of theme in your website.

Generate keywords from website's theme

Recently search engines can detect keywords with same or similar meaning, and density of keywords is not important to ranked in search result. Instead of that, quantity of information about the theme become important.

The big word is only one you have to research the popularity on selecting keywords in least level of research.

It is difficult to be ranked in the big keywords is also the goal of step by step SEO.

Select the keywords your customer knows

Select the big keywords which representing your web site's most abstract theme. It have to be used frequently in user's experience.

And the big keyword is permanent for your website. And you have to choose one of proper abstraction level. They will be the parts of title of your website.

Theme structure for continuous theme building

The first step's goal of step by step seo is to acquire access by long tail keywords. And the next goal is ranked in middle keywords.

You will find new middle keywords later, therefore you have to make website's theme so that you can add new middle keywords.

A theme is collection of keywords, therefore by building correct theme structure, the correct keywords are naturally included in the contents.

Theme structure

It is very difficult to research and select all of middle keywords perfectly. Therefore we have to create a framework of keywords which is extendable.

In this framework, the middle theme contains some topics, and you can add new targeted middle keywords by adding topics, naturally.

By writing a new content, the strength of keywords and themes grow up properly.

Combination with big keywords generates long tail keywords

Most abstract top theme and each middle theme has keywords representing the theme. Combinations with those keywords and other keywords in the content generated a lot of long tail keywords automatically.

Therefore the theme structure is correct, and the content for the topics contains proper quantity of information, the long tail SEO is automatically done.

Covering wide search opportunities from niche

On actually doing content based SEO, one of few things what you have to optimise for search engine on purpose is the web page's title and description.

That is because the web page appears on the result page, and it have to catch searcher's interest by the title and description.

Therefore you have to make a lot of variation of titles and description to cover following search needs patterns.

Level of user's knowledge and skill

Keywords that search engine users input are different by the knowledge of them. Beginners input easy and frequently used keywords and experts input technical terms.

The number of beginners is generally much greater than one of experts. And if you want to get a lot of customers with website, you have to target beginners in addition to experts. And content marketing is suitable for learning site.

Targeting beginners is important, but as they start learning, they have to learn technical terms. And website without technical terms assumed not to have deep knowledge about the theme by humans and search engine.

Therefore you have to create website's structure which contrives order of learning steps.

Abstraction level of demand

A person who knows own demand, and what to do in order to satisfy it inputs concrete keywords. But otherwise, they input abstract keywords or ones relevant to their experience and frequently used.

This is relevant to the level of searcher's knowledge.

By covering abstract and technical terms, the main contents of the website is suitable. Otherwise, topics about niche user's experience is suitable for blog contents.

Therefore, by creating main contents' structure properly, you can rewrite it by blog with case study, and continuously increase the coverage of keywords.

Design site structure next

After you roughly choose big keywords and the small keywords that will be catch search engine users. I guess you can image how visitors come from search engine.

Next task is to design the content structure of the website. Please take a look at Ideal site structure for comprehensive contents.

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