Make sales story by satellite site

There are 2 types of websites, one is suitable for Content SEO, another is not suitable. If you feel your website is not suitable, let's make a satellite site for content marketing.

Why satellite site is necessary

The website is not always suitable for SEO, it is often not suitable. As the sales person and product maker is complete different, each website has own feature.

It is not spam

To making satellite site is not spam, when it has necessity. If the point of view of satellite site is different from main site, is has reason to make it.

But you must not create new site in order to increase inbound links. It is spam. And latest search engines do not appreciate it. On the contrary they give penalty to the links and contents.

Role of satellite site

The satellite site is a sales person working for the main site.

Satellite and Mani site

It catches the searcher's demands, and shows you have sympathy to the customer's problem, and you can solve it. This process is same with the landing page's first process.

After visitors understand that, to explain the detail of your product is necessary. It is chance to set links to the main site. The main site's role is to explain the detail and additional good points.

Such inbound links are high quality links, because the possibility that visitor actually click the links is high.

This mechanism naturally bring up both the satellite and main site, even if it is created by yourself.

Actual tasks

You have to create a high quality satellite site, which has following feature.

  • Focus on user experience
  • Each page is useful page
  • The number of pages are not so important
  • Internal links are managed
  • No penalty

Planning Theme of satellite site

When you start to create a new satellite site, the important thing is to define the target visitors definitely. The search engines tend to appreciate website with specific theme.

Make another Social account

Especially, you have to make one more account of the Twitter. That is because the new account only tweets about the specific theme. It is comfortable to the customers who is interested in the theme.

And the main account can retweet it, because customers of main account has high possibility to be interested in te tweets. On the contrary, do not retweet the main acount's message by the satellite account.

After succeeded in bringing up a site

If you create the satellite for a specific theme, there are some other specific theme. You can create ones for each ones.

From the first time, you have to know you can create other sites for other specific themes. By knowing that, you do not afraid that a specific site can not cover all of attraction your products have.

That is not to afraid, it is chance to create new satellite sites.

The satellite sites affects the main site

The main site benefited from satellite in several ways. And effective satellite sites, which has reason to be necessary, is far from getting penalty.

Searched by own products, company or service name

The users who visited satellite sites, and read the contents know your name. If they interested in your product, they will search by the name.

Then your main site is shown and they will click them. It increases Click Through Rate, and your site has possibility to be appreciated highly.

Middle and big words are available

When you start a new site, the first target is long tail keywords. But when high quality inbound links increased, you can reach middle and big words.

Most of external inbound links in the internet is useless links. The links from high quality sites, and links to the relevant contents for co-occurring demands is evaluated especially high.

How to plan the site actually

When you actually plan a new website, mindmap is useful tool.

Please take a look at How to use MindMap for first contents planning, next.

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