How to use MindMap for first contents planning

Writing well structured contents is sometimes very difficult until the framework of information architecture is decided. That is because when you teach something to students, order of information is also important to do that.

And content based SEO friendly sites has opportunities to teach something to visitors.

Make Mindmap of site's concept


At first, you have to install a software which can edit Mindmap, like Freemind. And start to make it.

Starts with just writing ideas at first

On this page, you don't have to think how to write actual web page. You have to list ideas you are planning to write.

And after that, you have to choose main keywords suitable for the site's theme. Then important thing is that you can imagine how the main keywords generates long tail keywords.

If possible, actually search by the keywords and check competitors.

Think information structure by build and scrap

Next, image actual website's structure. The image below is suitable to do it.

Site content structure

This picture is at Ideal site structure for comprehensive contents. If you do not understand it, please take a look at the page.

The most important decision in editing Mindmap is which themes are biggest sub themes, which will be main categories of the website.

2nd level theme

When you make it, you should not afraid of deleting and updating nodes. The reason why you use the software is that by using it, you can easily do build and scrap.

Writing main contents on web pages

After you made rough design of the Mindmap, start writing web pages.

Separate into multiple page or not

This is very important on doing content pages SEO. The most important thing is each page is useful for search engine users.

One theme for one page, is basic policy on content based SEO. If the ideas on the Maindmap's tree are closed, then search engine users input these keywords at once. Therefore you had better write them in a page.

A useful page covers whole information for search demand. Therefore contents in a page should have enough quantity.

But if the searcher do not demand the topics at once, separate them into independent pages.

Review website again and again

You have to review pages on writing contents. Then you can find new topics to add.

When you write the contents at first time, it is very hard to cover all interest for the theme of current page. But after writing other relevant pages, it become easier than last time.

Adding contents makes the page's value increase. And a web page appreciated by search engine covers wide topics which is relevant to the current theme.

Build high quality internal links

When you review the web pages, you also find chance to set internal links. The internal links are important to show the website is not content spam, and increase the usability of the website.

When you set internal links, you have to think the links are actually clicked by the readers or not.

The liked pages should have not only similar theme, but also relevant demands.

Policy and strategy on writing actual web page

On this page, it explain the image of tasks to write and design website's contents architecture. Next, we have to think about actual technique to make web pages.
The Strategy of web pages to maximize contents value

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