How Search Engine Score Contents

For old search engines, link is almost all. But as the result of evolution of them, link is just a metrics of scoring. By getting high score in website content creation, your website can appear on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) without rich inbound links.

Weight of contents' score become higher

The status of website in search result is changed in around 2013. That means search engine changed their policy of scoring.

The Page-RankTM invented by google was algorithm focusing on popularity of the website. In this algorithm, a website with low Page-Rank cannot win ones with higher Page-Rank.

And the number of pages in a website was directly lead to Page-Rank, because existence of a page generate a Page-Rank value.

But the Page-Rank was disposed, and new word, which is the Authority Rank, was born. I guess the authority is score of summation of plus signals and minus signals. The external inbound link is one of them, and there are many other plus signals.

In addition to that, inbound links are evaluated and divided into highly scored one and minus ones. And actually highly scored links' rate of all links are very little.

Therefore a web page having high Authority score can win for ones with a lot of links.

Scoring Contents and Entire Website

By understanding the scoring system, we can image ideal website's structure. The scoring algorithm evaluates the page's content and the links.

Score is calculated for each theme

The score is for each theme. The Page-Rank does not have theme, therefore strong website can win all of the theme.

But resent search engine calculates the score for each theme, therefore a strong website is so in the theme, but in other theme, they do not appears on search engine result.

Page content is a component of the website's score

A web page has title, description, common navigation parts and body of content. By checking title and h1, h2 and hx tags, decide the content theme and evaluates the amount of page's information.

The amount of information and originality is the score of the page. And the search engine does not appreciate copy contents.

The page's score is component of whole website's score. For example, the authority rank is score for a website.

Proper Internal link is good signal for website's score

Internal links decides the structure of a website. A website is collection of pages, and which has comprehensive link structure is useful website.

Paraphrasing that, website with useless internal links is a spam contents.

And the quality of internal links is the total website's quality. Of course, it contains quality of contents, because the link's quality is evaluated from source and target page's content.

If there is a page with excellent content, but it does not linked from any other pages, it does not make sense. Content's value is evaluated by content itself and the situation the visitors interested in it. And such a situation increases, the content and website's value increases.

The entire website's score is how match it creates reputation of opportunities to answer the question, generate next question by answering it, and re-answer.

Scoring content from user's response

Scoring content itself is the very first step of that after web crawler fetch the contents. If the content evaluated well, the website's page appears on SERP by small keywords. The small keywords are collection of co-occurring ones which represents detail of searcher's demand.

At the first phase, your site do not appears so many times, because your site has little trust. Therefore you have to make success in this small chances at first.

Click Through Rate

Search engine uses user's response, CTR (Click Through Rate) is mainly used. The CTR is important and decisive metric, and it is a signal means "This page is answering what searcher want to know by human's point of view".

Of course it increases Website's trust.

After getting good CTR value, it appears on more frequently queried keywords, and re-evaluate the CTR again. If your contents is demanded by many people and it clearly answer their question, this reputation brings up your site.

Duration of reading pages

Duration for the visitors to stay reading in the website is also significantly important metric to evaluate search engines' accuracy.

Some search engines are having the methods to measure it and use it directly to rank web pages.

Other search engines are estimates duration by the signal of website. The data is used to analyze the feature of websites whose duration of visitors are long.

Natural links

Natural links are greater signal than CTR. Therefore proper contents with high CTR can naturally acquire links.

It is very hard to get them at first, but by contriving to make opportunities to get natural links occur, you can get them step by step.

Do White Hat Step by Step SEO

By learning the search engines' goal and how they implement algorithm roughly, I guess you can image how to bring up your website.

Next page shows how to start thinking about the concept of actual website.
How to bring up a new website step by step

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