SEO friendly sites and not friendly ones

There are a lot of websites in the internet, and their goal is different. Search engine friendly websites are suitable ones for Q and A System.

Content SEO Marketing is powerful tool when it succeeded But if you start with wrong way, it is impossible to do that.

This is decisive and very important thing, therefore check if your site is suitable for content marketing, before starting step by step SEO.

What is SEO friendly sites

SEO friendly site's feature is almost same with one of sales copy.

Even if your product or service is excellent, and there are a lot of people who is helped by them, they can not reach and buy them.

Catch customers and make an opportunity

The search engines are QA system to answer user's question. Therefore, content writers have to know what your customers know.

The first step of the communication between the internet and a customer starts with customer's inputting search keywords into the search box. They input only keywords they know, therefore keyword research is necessary.

That your website hit on search engine and visitors come, means you succeeded in making opportunities that customers want to know about your product.

It is after the opportunities that customers come to demand the detail of your product. Therefore your website's goal is catch customers and make the opportunities.

Goal and methods

Search engine users knows their abstract goal, but they do not know the real goal and steps to do.

Therefore customers can not find the goal, which will be your product or service, directly. And contents suitable for search engine marketing is what customers can directly find by using it.

If your website is about detail of your service and product, please image user's experience using them, and let's create a new website about that.

User experience is closed to the goal of the customer's demand, and it automatically contains keywords that the use frequently. In addition to that, customers think to find keywords by imaging their ideal user experience or one of having problem.

Feature of content's genre

The genre of contents is important to do content marketing. If it is not necessary for the genre's content to know deep knowledge, you have to change the theme into other one closed to it.

For example, on e-commerce site selling clothes, customers select the product by feeling. It is suitable for advertisement with banner and movies, but not for content marketing. But how to select a cool fashion is suitable for that.

Users visit and return again and again

If the knowledge and experience you mention is deep and wide, customers can't learn it at once. Therefore they visit your website again and again.

This activity increase the score of your website, because search engines watch user's action in order to evaluate your contents.

In addition to that, then it is opportunities for customers to bookmark your webiste with Social Bookmark or Media account. This is one of good opportunities to acquire natural links. Even if the link is no follow, search engines assume them as a good signal to evaluate your website.

Kinds of Websites

There are kins of websites, and I'm going to mention which kind of website is suitable for content marketing.

Learning site

Learning site is most suitable contents to do search engine marketing. In addition to that, if it explains ideal user experience after learning, that will catch keywords which your customers inputs.

Trend Blog for Affiliate Program

There are many kinds of blogs. If the blog is based on diary, that is up to the writer's experience and original information.

If writer's experience contains deep knowledge and relevant with customer's demand, it can collect many access. Writing about trend keywords is one of methods to collecting access with search engine.

You have to be popular, or have a lot of domain specific information, or keep writing contents with watching trends, and this method is different from what this website is introducing.

But the technique to get long tail keywords, and checking trends are effective. Therefore we introduce how to build blog with main contents later.

Product Manual Site

If the product is popular and most of people know it, it is suitable. But not so popular, it is not suitable. And you can not collect new customers with this type of website.

The product manual is what the users read after they think the product is suitable for them, and it is read in order to know the actual functions.

Therefore, it is not possible to make internal links to catch the demands of search engine users' interest.

E-Commerce Site

If your e-commerce site mainly consists of shopping cart, product's specification, and price, it is not suitable.

Some e-commerce site owners recognize that, and try to create a new site with product's manual. But it is also not suitable for content marketing.

What the owners have to make is contents about user experience.

If current site's concept is not suitable

If current site's concept is not suitable, you had better plan a new concept of contents including user experience. But I do not say to give up the not suitable website.

It is just not suitable for getting new customers. After they read and learned the actual solution which satisfy their demand, their interest changes into your current site.

Therefore if your current website is essential for your business, you also have to make the site better than now.

Chose actual concepts and keywords

After you checked the site's concept satisfy these conditions, start to choose concrete keywords and theme structure of the website.

Please take a look at How to choose Keywords and Theme for Long Tail SEO.

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