How to rank up a new website step by step

New zero-based website has no links, history, and social media account with a lot of follower. But you have a lot of knowledge, then how to build website to acquire visitors from search engines ?

The answer is starts with what you can and bring up your website's status step by step. There are a lot of things to bring up it, and the link building is just one of them.

Therefore you have to do is build a perfect contents with correct structured website.

Policy of zero base started SEO

The biggest advantage of the new site is there are no penalty. Therefore, by creating excellent content and  do correct activity, your website will appreciated reasonably.

Old websites have history and a lot of links, but they are for old SEO scheme. The evaluation scheme of search engine changes so much that right thing before is wrong now.

White Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO is search engine optimization by natural website. It is not different from do nothing.

Appealing and promoting is essential to bring up the website. And these activity lead to link building.

The search engine's evolution make possible to determine most of natural activities and artifical ones targeting only search engines in the internet.

Therefore, natural and right promoting activities will be almost the only way to bring up your website's SEO status.

What Comprehensive content means

White Hat SEO is not doing nothing, and there are a lot of things to do instead of doing wrong link building.

Links are still important fact to evaluate websites, but there are a lot of other facts.

The reason why the priority of external inbound links became low, is because search engine become to be able to evaluate other facts. For example, following facts are there.

  • Accurate Click Through Rate of natural user is detectable
  • Content's quality's estimation by theme matching is available

These contains sense of human, therefore the good contents for human and search engine become closer and close everyday.

Steps of SEO

A new website has no property, therefore the owners have to do what they can on current status, and increase what they can step by step.

Rank up starts with long tail keywords

The first keywords which is ranked in the SERP are long tail keywords. If your website has affluent contents, it has many variety of keywords.

Value of the page transfer

And the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the content is high. The content's value increase and the contents around it also rank up.

By this mechanism, another keywords come to be able to ranked in.

First goal of Website is high CTR

The first goal is high Click Through Rate (CTR), it directly appreciated by search engine. The CTR is important metric for search engine to evaluate quality of SERP, and it leads to getting natural links.

By writing demanded original contents for search engine users, you can get a few access from it, at first. Making excellent content is start line of step by step seo, because the content is first this to be evaluated.

Therefore you have to know how the contents are evaluated, and focus on that.

Plan and Write Contents

The first thing you have to do before creating website is planning. And before planning, you have to know following things.

If you don't know these, you can not do effective content marketing. This is the very basic you must know.

If you have a website and the type of it is not suitable, you had better to create a new one focusing on content marketing with sales copies.

After you understand the type of website, image sales copies which has opportunities that your product or service become necessary, as many as you can. The search engine friendly content is almost same with excellent sales copy.

And think what they want to know after reading the sales copy, and write the contents. Then categorize them, and arrange them into comprehensive structured we contents.

The webiste with contents made in such process can reduce bounce rate, and increase duration visitors stay.

Implement internal links

Quality and quantity of Internal links are core facts to evaluate website. There are following types of internal links.

  • Generated by content management system automatically on common parts
  • Add manually in the body of main content

Both is important, but links in the main contents is especially important.

If the writer can not understand architecture of information, it is impossible to add correct internal links.

After making the first version of the web pages, review it again and again. Then you can find out where to add them in order to reach what readers want to know after or on reading the page.

Introduce on Social Media

After you created a website with useful internal links, post the introduction of the page.

The first approach is to create a twitter account, find suitable hash tag, and post a tweet with the link to a content. Then you have to create short catch copy for it.

Repeat it, and check the response from other twitter users. If the content is what readers want and the website is useful, you can acquire followers or get favorite marker. This process is same with acquiring natural links.

Twitter is the best platform to practice response marketing. And other social networks' community is also available.

Before actually planning concept

Maybe you understand how to bring up website form zero. But before start to thinking about the contents architecture, there is an important point to check.

That is because there are SEO friendly sites and not friendly ones. That is because the search engine is a system to answer user's question, and all kind of the website's are not suitable to that.

Please take a look at SEO friendly sites and not friendly ones next.

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