Build Effective Links with White Hat SEO

There are two types of links. Internal links are important to maximize the content's value. External links are signal that the content is appreciated by humans.

The first thing you have to consider is internal links. They are closed to content marketing very much.

Internal links

Internal links are very important in content based SEO. That is because search engines evaluates quality of links in order to evaluate entire website's value.

Quality and kinds of internal link

An internal link has following facts.

  • Source page where the link is.
  • Linking target page
  • Anchor text
  • Position of the link in the source page

After crawler fetch the content of pages, it detects internal link and classify those links.

Evaluate entire websites with internal links

After detected internal links on pages in the websites. Internal links are used to evaluate the page and entire website.

And they have a lot of signals to detect how the website is created. Therefore, search engine can guess the semantic quality from the statistic data.

And sometimes internal link causes content spam. It is because the links are effective to get high score in evaluating contents.

External inbound links

External links are signal of appreciation by humans. In order to be ranked in big words, external link is necessary.

But you must not do SEO oriented link building.

Natural links and optimized inbound links

The search engine is fighting with spam, and external inbound links are main fact of SEO spam. Therefore, the technologies to detect spam links evolved.

And internal links are also evaluated by same technology. The difference between internal links and external links is the domain of the source page.

Opportunities to get links

Links for only SEO and ones not eligible to qualify are not effective to SEO. They are ignored or counted as penalty points, and the number of eligible link is much smaller than total links in the internet.

Therefore, acquiring high quality links affects the rank very effectively.

Penalty rules

After you under stand what is effective links, and how to build them, you have to know when the penalty occurs.

Both external inbound and internal links has possibility to cause it. The penalties caused by internal links are classified as one of links but over optimized content.

Please take a look at Knowing when SEO Penalty occurs to avoid that next.

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