Evaluate entire websites with internal links

Search engines measure the quality of website's contents by statistic data of internal links. When you do content based SEO, you have to think about it.

Sometimes small sites has advantage

There are many websites in the internet, and there are many ones which has thousands of pages. Therefore you may feel it is very hard for your website to be ranked in at the position where visitors can reach.

How many links and pages are necessary to rank in

But by researching the website's page by google's site command, there are many pages which rank in first or second page.

And they have 10 to 50 external inbound links. You can check it by opensiteexploler. And you find sometimes website with small number of the pages and inbound links wins ones having greater number.

That means actually appreciated pages and links by search engine is much fewer than you image.

Actually appreciated pages are much fewer than you image

The search engines highly appreciates pages the website's owner manage, and pages which automatically generated and the owners do not manage are not appreciated, on the contrary they are minus points.

When you research site command of google, set the number of result shown in a page 100, and check the last page of website's page list. Then you can find out appreciated page's number of webistes with thousands of pages are about 300 to 550.

That means most of pages of huge website is not appreciated. Therefore you have to make website with most of pages are highly appreciated.

Metrics of statistic data

The search engines evaluates quality of the entire website by following metrics. The well organized and managed websites has proper number of high quality contents, and the owner knows and manage most of page's contents.

Anchor of the links

Anchor texts of internal links are shown in the web master tools of google on checking inbound links. This means external inbound links and internal links are equal when checking the theme of website.

You can not manage anchor texts of external inbound links, but you can do ones of internal links, if you can manage the website properly.

Ratio of demanded link for theme

The websites contains internal links to answer the next questions after visitors learned from current pages, are appreciated very highly.

This is the most important signal to evaluate the quality of website. That means the visitors will read next pages after the page ranked in the search result. And they stays long duration on the site.

That is proof of satisfaction for the quality of search engines.

Ratio of useless links

Even if the website has high quality contents and links, useless contents and links are obstacles for visitors.

The reason why too big websites with automatically generated pages are not appreciated highly. And reason why well manages website with proper number of pages are appreciated highly so that they can rank in first or second page.

Keep the website's link quality

As the website's contents increase, the quality of links tend to decrease. Effective way to keep the website's internal link quality is to block useless links from search engine crawlers.

Block the links and content

Using meta tag "robots" with the "noindex,follow" value is popular way to do it. But this is method to only block duplicated contents. This command allows search engine to follow the links, therefore the search engine analyze the links and the contents.

It just control the priority of pages to be ranked in the result.

When you block internal links, you have to use "noindex,nofollow". By this meta tag, crawler do not alanyze the links in the page.

Example of useless links

For example, blog archive section generates a lot of useless internal links. Therefore I recommend to use "noindex,nofollow" on those pages.

But the meta tag delete the links to each article, therefore you have to link to those blog posts from the main contents. By designing effective site structure with Content Management System and Blog, you can do it automatically.

Think about external links next

After learning what is a high quality internal links and how to keep the entire website's link quality, think about external inbound links.

External links are also links to web page, but it comes form other domain. And it is a signal for appreciation by other persons. Therefore some points are different from internal links.

Please take a look at Natural links and optimized inbound links, next.

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