Opportunities to get links

In order to do White Hat SEO, making opportunities to acquire natural links is important. Excellent contents has opportunities to get them, but you have to build the mechanism in the website.

Who links to your website

A person read your content and appreciated high, but the person do not have websites to set links, you can not acquire external links. Therefore you have to know who can set links.

Social Media users

Most of internet users have social media account. Comparing with natural links from standard websites, the links from social media is not appreciated so high, but it is easier to acquire links from these sites. Therefore it is the first step to get effective natural links.

The social media is used as a tool for the person, and who are connected to the person can watch the activity in order to get a new information. This is general usage of that.

Most of people are content watcher, but there are people who want to spread their own information.

They watch hash tags and communities where they post information, more frequently than watchers. They are always searching information to create a new contents.

When you practice to get response from social media, Twitter is suitable. It has sophisticated hash tags function, and get response by using tweets with hash tags is effective way to do that.

Bloggers and Media

Bloggers and Media have website, and their goal is to create high quality contents, as you do. If they find your contents, and it is suitable to write a new contents, they will reuse your contents.

Therefore you have to know who want your contents in order to do that.

Without this point of view, it is very hard to get inbound links, because strong motivation is necessary for website owners to put a link to other site.

When your website acquire natural links

When internet users add a links, they have definite motivation to do it. Therefore it is important to know them, and take measure to those opportunities.

Find out something new

There are early adopters who likes new things, and show their friends that they adopt a new method. They feel happy when their friends become happy by knowing new useful methods and appreciate them.

If your contents have original and new things, they will share it by social media, and write blogs about that.

If the person has a blog which is continuously updated, and the theme is like introduction of new trends, the possibility to acquire an inbound link is high.

The content says same thing with the person

All of the people has different thinking. If a person feel "I think different from general though, but I am correct", and find a article thinking same.

Then the person come to introduce it to people around him. The person will share the contents, or do it after write a blog to introduce the content.

The contents says contradict idea

On the contrary, an idea which is opposite to the person's opinion, and the idea seem to be accepted by many people. The person want to tell why it is wrong, or the case when the idea is not correct.

On this case, the person have to write the opinion why it is not correct. Therefore the person will take a comment, or write blog about it.

But this is very negative way, and it do not lead to good result for your business. So I do not recommend to do this proactively.

But effective new method always generates enemies against your business, therefore to take measure for those by comprehensive and correct counter opinion, is necessary. And it become effective SEO.

The website has much more information to read later

When visitors read your some of your contents, and feel your website has much more information about what the person want to know, the person will bookmark it.

By putting social book mark button on the page, they will use it, if it is not necessary to make it secret.

This type of link acquisition is only up to how the person appreciate the contents. Therefore high quality contents containing deep knowledge, can easily acquire links. This is on of the reason why learning site is suitable for content based SEO.

Content has information you want to remember

Searching a lot of information is troublesome task. Then there is a web page shows result of searching, it is very useful.

In addition to that, you think that you'll use the information again and again, you'll bookmark the page.

Check penalty at same time

After you build mechanism to acquire links, you also have to check link penalties. Effective activities for SEO have risk of penalty.

Please take a look at Knowing when SEO Penalty occurs to avoid that next.

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