Natural links and optimized inbound links

Natural links are signal of human appreciation of the contents. Therefore, you have to build mechanism to acquire the links. And the number and quality is result of content marketing.

White Hat SEO and inbound links

White Hat SEO is not Search Engine Optimization without building links. It is impossible to get hundreds of links from the first time, like inbound links set by SEO companies.

The natural links have high value, therefore hundreds of links are not necessary. Spam links has little or minus value, therefore other websites can not acquire such huge number of links.

Appreciated links

The natural links for external domains never be created without reason. The internal links are also so. But the external links needs more significant reason for their existence.

Links satisfy visitor's demand like internal links

Appreciated inbound links are almost same with high quality internal links. Only links have possibility to be clicked by the visitor has value.

A visitor comes to the website because they have what they want to know. And after read the page, they have another demand for information and search it.

Links from managed sites

Some websites' goal is the number of link collection for the themes they are targeting. It is very easy to get links form such a site.

But external links which are easily available has little value.

On the contrary, links from well managed and organized websites are appreciated highly. The search engine can determine the type of website by statistic data of internal links. And that is easy for search engines.

In addition to that, websites with too many external links, though they do not have a few contents and effective internal links, are assumed as link collection sites.

Social Media

Social media is effective way to spread your contents, and get internal links there. The twitter is one of the main SNS to do it.

If your tweet is retweeted or added to favorites, the search engine detect them as signal of appreciation.

This signal is effective, but you have to make effort to make more strong signals, which is link acquisition, occur, after spreading your contents.

Continuous link acquisition

The search engines manages history of link acquisition. Continuous link acquisition is a significantly effective way to prove your website is excellent.

There are huge number of website, but very few of them can do it. Therefore if you can build mechanism to acquire inbound links continuously, the possibility for the website to rank in the first page increases very much.

If you can achieve it, your success is matter of time. This is the very goal of content based search engine optimization.

At first time, you do not have to get tens or hundreds of links in a week. Same with estimation of duration time visitors stay in your site,  some of excellent search engines can roughly estimate number of links your website can get.

Therefore you have to do in order to make a new site to rank in, is do white hat SEO by writing demanded high quality contents so that you can get some links in a week naturally.

Links lead to penalty

It is easy for search engine to detect unnatural links. Most of external links in the internet is unnatural after link based SEO method become popular.

The search engine providers know natural links which means appreciation for a content, is much fewer than other type of links. Therefore you do not have to acquire hundreds of links by force.

Therefore, you have to think the links which do not have strong reason, has possibility to be penalty. The search engines never immediately give penalty, when detecting unnatural links.

If the rate of unnatural links satisfy the defined boundary value, they gives penalty or minus points.

Link opportunities

By reading this page, you'll understand getting natural links is one of the difficult fact on doing white hat seo.

Actually, you have to contrive to catch opportunities, in addition to create high quality contents. Let's think about how to do that.

Please take a look at Opportunities to get links, next.

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