How to build Comprehensive Site Architecture with CMS and Blog

A website with good information architecture is comprehensive to both human and search engine. In this page, I'll explain what is the good one.

Strategy of site contents

Optimize single page content

The webisite is simply evaluated by following metrics when a person evaluating SEO strength of it.

  • Number of pages in the website
  • How many pages are SEO friendly
  • Number of Internal links
  • Theme the website is specific for

But actually, the search engine evaluates it by theme matching and quantity of information the website has.

When you creating content, you have to write content naturally. But most persons tend to do contrive for metrics above. And the content become over optimised for search engine, therefore that does not lead to good result.

Therefore you have to have a strategy to build content pages, that by writing naturally with it you can do SEO naturally.

Blog Article and CMS based Website Content

Website's structure

Blog articles and web contents are different. The web content is main contents and they have information structure of the website. The blog article is a log and a single topic for the main contents and website theme.

By knowing the difference and how to use them, you can build website with good architecture.

When you start creating a website contents, you have to start with the main content. The structure of content shows theme comprehensively to both search engine and human.

After that, add blog articles to the most relevant content on the content tree structure. You have to check the main content again and again, then you'll notice shortage of information. It will be a good idea for blogging.

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