Effective usage of Main Contents and Blog

When you actually build a new website, I recommend you to use the Content Management System (CMS) and blog system. They manage main contents and blog posts for detail of topics.

Site structure

When you make website with CMS and blog, the site structure become like following picture.

Website's structure

This structure realize ideal content structure. By arranging contents, search engine can detect the theme of entire website and hierarchy of links correctly.

In addition to that, blog post pages can get internal links from high quality and relevanat pages.

Main contents

Main content is permanent content with tree structure. And it shows the order to read topics on learning. The main contents works as categories of blog posts, and it is suitable to aim ranking in by middle and big words.

This contents' goal is well structured high quality contents. The number of information is next one.

The quality of categories is very high, search engines appreciate it high. The category page is very important, because the page is linked from a lot of blog articles.

If the quality of linked page is low, it is not possible to rank in by middle words. But this site structure solve the problem.

Blog posts

Blog posts are useful method to write articles freely. And these articles covers the weak point of main contents.

Write hot topics freely

Blog posts are free space to write topics what you want to write. And you can write rapidly.

That is because you don't have to care how to organize the structure. You do not have to think the order of reading.

Therefore blog is suitable for making a lot of pages to cover wide keywords for long tail SEO.

Sales copy for SNS communities and advertisement

On writing sales copies, a blog post is suitable. When you post a topic to SNS communities, you have to make impressive title and content. Then the first priority is impressive contents.

Impressive catch copy is not suitable for main contents. Therefore, blog posts are necessary to cover the weak point of main contents.

Steps of ranking up

When you do content based SEO from zero start, the first thing you have to do is ranked by long tail keywords. Therefore you have to cover a lot of combination of keywords.

By writing a lot of contents, you can do it.

In addition to that, the ranked page have to help ranking up other pages with bigger keywords. By this structure, blog posts links to the main contents and supports the middle words to ranked in.

Link strategy increases value of contents

After creating affluent contents, let's think about links on the web page. Search engines evaluates the content's value by using links. Therefore by understanding it, you can rank up your website efficiently.
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